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So in love, such a crybaby, need my Husband!

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I'm 37/3 pregnant. My husband and I have been going through a custody battle for his daughter. This morning at 0500 he left to go 8.5 -9 hours away to get her. I started tearing up when he woke me to say good bye and they're getting on the road and of course he loves me. This far along and this uncomfortable I just couldn't try and/or risk going that far away from hospital i'm being seen at and so forth. I'm now up at 5 am, bawling my eyes out from missing him and he's been gone 15 mins. He's my safe place and (lol) so soft and warm and how I have been able to sleep. He should be back tomorrow. Worst case scenario, he won't be back until Monday. You'd think I could handle this since he was deployed for a year. But I'm extremely sad.hes literally my best and only friend. What are you mommies doing to kill time and not cry?

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  • Feeling lonely makes for some tough days... thank you both for his service. I've been on leave since the beginning of October, so boredom is my middle name. I've watched everything there seems to be to watch on netflix.. I've purchased a couple of "adult coloring books" to pass the time, I've read some books, I attempted to pick up crocheting but that wasn't for me. Anything that requires me to focus on what I'm doing is good!! Good luck, hope the next day or two flies by.
  • Couldn't imagine being on leave that long without baby!!!! So kudos to you too! Yeah, now I'm up watching HULU. Haha. I like art so I could try hobby lobby today. I just have this feeling it's gonna turn into not seeing him until Monday evening and I'm gonna freak out! I like the coloring idea . Now that you used the word focus , When he was gone for a week back in September, watching tv while doing word searches seemed to make me focus. Thank you and good luck to you too! @bkeep22
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  • Speaking from experience as a fellow military spouse deployments and separation when they are home are different! When they leave for so long your brain kindof does a switch and you start a new normal for a while. Plenty of tears there too, but it's not the same
    But I find myself getting bummed now if he is at work too late haha. It's a mix of hormones (ok mostly hormones) and just the very real appreciation you have for your partner. Enjoy the lovey-dovey times!! My DH is on a non-deployment assignment for another 6 months or so which is why we tried so hard to have a baby now!
  • @Leah6120 you're right. Deployment and separation are diff. But yes lol find myself emotional as well working late or what ever it may be. Blessings to you for conceiving and him being home for awhile longer. Definitely enjoying our love and times together now. We could easily end up back overseas and him deploying while over there for 6months to a year at a time! Ah! The best was feeling him come into bed last night while I was sleeping , rolled over into his chest and he just held me and ran his hand across my face. It's a Blessing to be Blessed with our amazing spouses and how their love can so easily bring tears to our eyes, hormonal or not (lol) . Thanks for your insight and reminding me I'm not the only one! Good luck to you all :)
  • Thank you for your service! I am not in a military family, but when my husband is out of town for work I use that as an opportunity for me time - watching stupid reality tv shows he would never watch, getting a massage, shopping in stores he doesn't like to go to, a microwave meal or take out instead of cooking dinner for him, going to sleep at whatever time I like instead of on his schedule. I miss him but sometimes it's nice only having to think about me (which in 3 weeks will never be the case again)!
  • @ChrissyD1203 thank you for the support and appreciation. I've tried looking at it that way, and watching crazy reality tv shows is about the only plus! Well, I am up taking my time to get ready and dressed for the day at my pace instead of a mans be ready in 20 mins pace lol to go shop and grab something to eat. And indeed I did sleep in. Ah, you're ideas were right too haha, and I've stopped crying, for now lol thanks:)
  • The coloring really has been great for me, dorky maybe, but I don't care! My mom just gave me a huge pack of colored pencils for Christmas - I had complained about not having enough colors ;-)
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    I get like this too with hubby. He had to work on Saturday and when he told me I cried for am hour! He's my best and only friend too. We are each others only world. If I know I can be around him I don't want to leave his side. It really is a problem how attached I am to him and him to me lol...idk what I'd do if I had to be away from him for days!
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