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Anyone still lifting?

I was an avid crossfitter and weight lifter before becoming pregnant. I've kept that up, although I've made necessary modifications including lightening the weight I'm lifting to about 75% of my normal. Yet, people are so judgy of me continuing to workout while pregnant! I'm kind of looking for solidarity here. Women lifting heavy weight is an anomaly to begin with. Do it while pregnant and everyone's head explodes. Anyone else experiencing this?

Re: Anyone still lifting?

  • I wish!!  I stopped lifting right before our wedding in August, and never started back up.  I want to now, but don't want to strain my body too much.  I am thinking of starting yoga again though!
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  • I'm still lifting, though I've had a cold/fever/congestion for a week now, what a mess. I finally worked out again today. The heaviest I'm lifting now is 24lb (2-12lbs), vs the 40 I was previously doing. @Emztron500 told me about a month or so ago. The girl is pregnant so if you need a change up, it's a quick 20 minute workout with weights and you jump to the week of pregnancy ur in, kind of cool:)
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  • Kudos to you ladies for staying fit while pregnant! I'm struggling to get out for my dogs walks every day because I feel exhausted, the only thing that keeps me going is that the dog has to get out for his exercise. I don't know how I would do it if it wasn't for that. I don't side eye the lifting, if your doctor is cool with it then everyone else should be cool with it too.

  • I don't really "lift", but I do weight train with 10-15 pound dumbbells (so 20-30 lbs total) for arms and one 25-30 pound dumbbell for squats. I still run as well. OB gave me the thumbs up!

  • I'm still lifting/working out as well. I don't understand why people are so judgey of it. It's not like you're putting your baby or your pregnancy in jeopardy by doing some deadlifts. It might hurt YOU, if anything, if you push yourself too hard for where your body's at. But pregnant ladies are capable of a lot more than people give them credit for.

    To be honest though I will be very relieved to have the cat out of the bag about my pregnancy this weekend. I'll be 14 weeks and my taekwondo instructors and fellow students will finally understand why I've gotten weak and fat and slow, haha. Last time I kept going to class and training until 24 weeks, and stopped mainly because it was hard for me mentally to not perform as well as I wanted to. This time I will try to continue a little longer and accept that I'm not going to be able to keep up and just do what I can.
  • @Emztron500 I know exactly what you mean! It was a relief for people to know why I've sucked lately, ha! Although I'll feel even a little better when I'm showing more so there's NO QUESTION I have a good excuse! We sound a lot alike. I had such a hard time with relatively light squats today, I seriously considered quitting! I'm glad to know it's not just me having a hard time with not being able to perform up to our normal standards!
  • Still lifting here, teaching barre & yoga, & taking insanity. Just modifying it all. Doctor was totally okay with it since I was so active before. People think you should just rest 247 while pregnant & it's just not realistic..
  • @RMLandy I was actually seeing a psychologist throughout my first pregnancy because I was feeling so overwhelmed by everything, but we spent most of our time discussing taekwondo because I was so bummed about it! She basically told me after a month or so of appointments that I had to quit if I wasn't going to be able to take it easy. But then I was so sad about losing the social aspect of it for 6 months :( so I really would like to keep active at the school for longer this time.

    You would THINK showing would help but when I was 6 months pregnant at the Christmas party for my taekwondo school with my first, this guy who always stands directly behind me in class (because he was just barely junior to me and we line up by rank) asked me why I wasn't drinking and was shocked to learn I was pregnant. I was like, so you just thought I'd become super fat and pathetic??? Thanks.
  • @Emztron500 it really does mess with you psychologically!! I'm just trying to focus on the fact that I'm still doing it and all the benefits it's having for me and the baby!! But it's hard ...
  • ***Lurking from July***

    I am a crossfitter too and still lifting heavy! The midwife practice I go to has several midwives and they politely disagree about what's okay. My favorite midwife said to keep doing what I was doing before and scale back when I start feeling uncomfortable- basically just listen to your body. I haven't scaled back weights yet, but have found dynamic exercises scaling back on their own due to being more easily winded. At first I even hit a few PRs, but I'm feeling like more of a fat lazy tired person lately so I'm pretty sure maintaining or backsliding slowly are what's ahead. I'm really trying not to quit because of ego, but I may switch to Zumba and Yoga instead as things progress.
  • @noelietrex ego is the hard part! I just keep telling myself that the longer I can keep it up, the faster I'll get back to my pre-preg condition after birth. I had been keeping the weight about the same until recently. My core just can't keep tight anymore so form on heavy/max lifts became iffy. The harder we work to check our egos at the door during pregnancy, the less ground we will lose on those gains we worked so hard for!
  • I lifted and was a runner before I got pregnant. In the first trimester I got extremely lazy and hardly did anything but now that I'm in the second trimester I started getting back into my routine but I started off at walking/slow jog. I started off at body weight legs and low weight upper body. Not sure if I'm gonna increase weight too much I've been getting really sore lol.
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  • Yes! Heavy lifter and did lots of spartan races pre pregnancy. Doctor said I can still run and lift I just have to modify my weights. I'm not showing enough to be judged yet, I just look like I have a little pouch lol. But I'm sure that's so frustrating. Most people don't understand that as long as you FEEL good you can do alot of what you did before pregnancy
  • I'm still doing my Insanity workouts, so I lift my own body weight a lot. And I'm still running long distance.  I feel like the Insanity workouts are going to become uncomfortable in the next few months, but I plan on running until the very end (if I can!).  I don't think there are a whole lot of absolutes when it comes to pregnancy, it depends on the person.  What is okay for you might not be okay for others.  Except for meth/crack/smoking... definitely don't do those while pregnant :P
  • Still lifting though getting less comfortable with squat-y routines.
  • Anyone use kettlebells? I'm only lightly active in the least sense of the word but I'm wanting to something to tone up everything that's not my belly. I'm just feeling overwhelmingly large lately and want to do something about it.

    I have my 12 week appt today and I will talk to my doctor but I'm really digging the whole kettlebell concept. Anyone use them? TIps on buying them? 

  • @SouthernVOL I incorporate them into workouts regularly, but mostly just do swings to get my heart rate up. I know they can be pricey so I'd check places like Play It Again Sports to find some used rather than paying full price.
  • @RMLandy Thanks for the info! I do know that they can get expensive. Do you think these would be a good idea to use to tone up? Is there something else I should/could use? Mainly my arms and legs is what I want to focus on.

  • RMLandyRMLandy member
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    @SouthernVOL I wish I knew more but my experience with kbs is limited. I think any kind of resistance training is great! But outside that, I don't know what kind of results you could expect from kb workouts. I like to follow diary of a fit mommy (Sia Cooper) on Instagram and her blog. Although I prefer lifting heavy, her workouts look like they'd be effective for someone starting out!

    Eta: it's @diaryofafitmommyofficial on Instagram
  • @SouthernVOL I use them too in my workouts I use them for ab work like side bends. I also use them for back/arms I hold It behind my head and lift it up over my head then back down. For arms I hold it with both hands in front of me then lift it up to my chin and back down between my legs.
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  • @RMLandy Thanks for the info! I do know that they can get expensive. Do you think these would be a good idea to use to tone up? Is there something else I should/could use? Mainly my arms and legs is what I want to focus on.
    @SouthernVOL Kettlebells are great for incorporating into a fully body workout! I love including them just for the cardio. If you're looking for something for arms/legs, I would suggest things like pushups, tricep dips, squats, walking lunges, etc. Even just using your body weight is great, but you can always use dumbbells or a barbell if you need to make it more challenging.
  • Y'all are awesome! Thanks for the info! 
    @RMLandy I've seen diary of a fit momma before and tried it once. I watched the video, it was cool to far as exercising with her...

  • @SouthernVOL I love kettlebells! But my 16kg one has been temporarily retired :( I usually use it for 2-hand swings which is an amazing full body strength exercise and calorie torcher. But I've had to go down to 20 lbs for pretty much everything. I've got a bunch of kettlebell workouts on my pinterest board if you wanna peek
  • I still crossfit and lift, but I have reduced the intensity and weight.  Mostly because I am too tired to perform how I did before getting knocked  up.   As many others have said,  I am also getting the side-eye from some folks,  including a lengthy message from my MiL about her concerns that I am still exercising (at all). 


     It's pretty frustrating,  but I assume that comments about my exercising are the first of many unsolicited advice and opinions I will receive as the pregnancy (and motherhood, yay!) continues. 



  • I had a former co-worker who taught/did crossfit until the day she gave birth. One of my best friends had her baby last night, and she was still doing 90-minute spin classes four times a week. As long as you're listening to your body, and have your OB's blessing, why not?

    Me, on the other hand, I'll just admire how amazing you fit mommas are. ;)

  • @Sgoldberg247 I'm with you.  My avid gym-going has switched to daily dog walking, and not even for as long as I used to do it.  I really want to get back into my fitness routine in the second trimester.

    With my daughter, I continued to go to the gym and do resistance and cardio throughout the pregnancy.  This has been my longest gym hiatus in years but I went once a couple of weeks ago and spent the rest of the day sick in bed.  

    My OB last time said to just keep doing what I did pre-pregnancy and that would be fine.  I loved having a fit pregnancy and hope I can manage to do it again.
  • I'm still lifting and will continue to throughout my pregnancy. I'm not focusing on PRs anymore and just going with how I feel. I'm noticing that I don't feel as strong as my pre-pregnant self. My weights are down 15-20lbs for my lifts but I still feel like I'm getting a good workout. My coach has told me a couple times to not add anymore weights and I was little turned off by that because I was feeling good and wasn't anywhere near my previous numbers. I'm a huge advocate for the momma knows her body the best and we would not do anything to put our baby at harm. Keep it up momma!! I love seeing strong pregnant Mommas!
  • @MrsOdom2488 I was super disappointed at my squat lifting session on Monday. I just kept falling at a weight which should've been easy. Theeeeen I woke up this morning incredibly sore so I guess I got in a better workout than I thought! I was really happy to be sore, ha ha.
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    @MrsOdom2488 I was super disappointed at my squat lifting session on Monday. I just kept failing at a weight which should've been easy. Theeeeen I woke up this morning incredibly sore so I guess I got in a better workout than I thought! I was really happy to be sore, ha ha.
  • I went to pop a squat the other day just as a comfortable resting position and it killed my hips! Haven't even tried squatting with weights recently, my stupid hips are just completely unstable and sore. Seems a lot worse this time than my last pregnancy. Booo :(
  • Am I the only one that has days where they are like. .yes I'm gona be awesome today gym here I come...and then other days like...what's a gym I only know my bed. I'm struggling anyone have some motivation for me haha? Keep up the great work ladies!
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