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Baby will only sleep with mom

I've usually been the one to put baby down at night and now to my woke hours changing I've been saying late at work way past his bedtime and he's left with dad and grandma so they've been able to take care of him during the day but when it comes to the nighttime its like he's a different baby! He completely losses his shit! He starts crying and screaming bloody murder he starts shaking and turning purple from crying so hard and he'll refuse to sleep til I get home and I put him down, I sometimes have to leave work early. They've tried wrapping him in my clothes, singing him songs I sing just about everything and nothing works, now I'm at the point where I'm considering quitting my job because I don't want to put my baby under that stress. Is this happening to anyone else? Any tips on how to get him calm with other people??

Re: Baby will only sleep with mom

  • Have you done any sleep training?

    I usually put our little guy down but have missed a few times for work related things. He was pretty upset the first couple of times, but then adjusted to it. Is it any better?

    If you enjoy your job, I would encourage you to keep working. Your baby is very important, but shouldn't be the center of your life. Babies need to flex to our lives and setups. As a teacher, I have encountered many children who are the center of their parents lives and it isn't pretty. Hang in there.
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  • One of my twins has been doing this the past week. During the day he is fine with Dad or grandma putting him down. But at night if it's not me he flips out as well. No solution over here just letting you know you're not alone. Hope it's just a stage & it will pass quickly
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