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Feeling Unpregnant

Is anyone else out there just completely flabbergasted at how unpregnant they feel on any given day?  I'm a FTM and I've just reached 12 weeks.  Sure, I'm thanking my lucky stars that I have zero pregnancy symptoms (sore boobs, headaches, morning sickness, etc.) but the lack of any symptoms feels very anti-climactic!  I barely have any baby bump and I just want to *feel* pregnant.  So far I feel just like I did before that little test came back positive.  And it actually makes me nervous/anxious a little bit.  Please tell me I'm not alone!
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Re: Feeling Unpregnant

  • I'm almost 15 weeks and I did have a lot of symptoms but they've almost all vanished besides exhaustion and since I'm a STM I can tell my middle is thicker. But I definitely don't feel much different. I am anxiously waiting to feel movement and for my belly to look more like a bump and less like pizza and beer :persevere: hang in there!

  • This is my second pregnancy and I do not have this problem. But I have a coworker who is pregnant as well and she tells me all the time that she often forgets that she's pregnant. She's 18 weeks at the end of this week and she says she can feel the baby sometimes, but literally that's the only indication that she's expecting. She also has absolutely no baby belly at all. Some women just have these wonderful pregnancies!!
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  • I'm 100% with you and glad that I'm not alone. I'm 13w4d and don't have any symptoms. I never got morning sickness ( which I'm not complaining about). All I've had to far is sore boobs and exhaustion from about week 7 to 12. I'm still waiting to see a bump and 'feel' pregnant.
  • My morning sickness has basically been gone for the past week or so and I have had a few nights where I almost completely forgot that I was pregnant.  I was worried that my u/s today would show that something was wrong but nope, baby is still in there going strong, I just am in that weird in between where I don't have first tri symptoms but my stomach muscles are still holding their own.  

  • I'm in your same boat floating down the easy breezy river of symptom free pregnancy. No bump, no headaches, nothing sore just chillin waiting to feel anything so I can feel pregnant. I'm looking forward to a bump and feeling movement. I'm 12+2 so few more weeks til that comes along.
  • Although I don't feel like this with my second pregnancy, I did with my first. I said my only symptom was getting larger :-)

    It was hard, but by 20 weeks I started to get a bit of a bump. And by the end, you're going to be so over feeling pregnant :-) even 20 weeks of that is enough! :-)
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  • In the same boat and not complaining! I've had no morning sickness other than sore boobs & being tired, other than that its been easy breezy & I feel so very lucky for that! I've had family & friends with terrible morning sickness & while it did make me nervous in the beginning, now that I got past my 1st tri screening & saw the baby moving + have heard the heartbeat I am just waiting for that little bump so I can stop feeling sorry that I feel just fat lol - I will say that I have told ppl since I have had relatively no symptoms it always feels like I'm looking at someone's else's baby on that ultrasound but it makes it also feel so much more real! Cannot wait till my next appointment in the morning!
  • Another FTM here having an easy pregnancy (knock on wood). I'm 15 weeks and I keep forgetting I'm pregnant! My mid section is a little thick but there's no bump to speak of and I'm still fitting into all my pre-pregnancy clothes. I had very little morning sickness or exhaustion in 1st trimester and anything I did have is now long gone. I find myself browsing pregnancy forums and looking at my ultrasound pictures a lot just to remind myself that it's all real. Cheers!
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  • I'm 15+5 and now that the MS is gone, I don't feel pregnant at all. I do have a little tiny bump, but other than that. Nothing. Just try to relax and enjoy it :)
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  • This thread is like if Chrissy Teagan and some famous models were commiserating about how they didn't really know they were popular in High school. All the feels for you ladies. :);)
  • I am 100% there with you. I am so glad you posted this. I'll be 16 wks tomorrow and I don't feel pregnant at all. I never had Morning sickness(thank goodness), just sore boobs and headaches. It almost freaks me out that something's wrong with baby. Does anyone else feel that way?? I just hope it's still okay in there and all is good. Would you know if something wasn't okay???? Paranoid FTM.
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