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Baby entitlements

New mom of triplets, babies aren't home yet but my son will be coming home tomorrow and the girls within a week or so after him.
The "novelty" of having three babies is getting to me. Family and old friends that we typically wouldn't see or hear from want to come see the babies or brag about them to others (like on Facebook, or to their friends). This bothers me because I know if I had a singleton again, we would be treated exactly as always, and not see these people.
My MIL has friends (don't know them) that refer to my children as "our babies". I grew these kids, not you! Her friends were not interested when my niece was born. I appreciate help, of course, but a whole slew of strangers expecting to parade through my home to gawk at my
I hate that they are interested because I had triplets, not because I had beautiful babies.
Partial vent, partial ?asking how others would deal with this?
We've told everyone to arrange visits with us first, but I also don't want to feel as if I need to entertain strangers while I am adjusting to having three tiny LOs at home.

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Re: Baby entitlements

  • Congrats on your babies! I could not imagine! When we brought our twins home, we simply told people that we would let them know when we were ready. However, I had to return to work at 2 months and I guess we never really felt like we were ready until they were about 3 months. People seemed to respect that, or at least they didn't have the nerve to say otherwise. We would just say that things were too hectic or it was a bad day. We also put out there that if they or anyone around them had been sick recently, then we didn't want them there (our pediatrician said we could blame him if they got mad about that) Anyway, it's your home and they are your babies. This is your time to enjoy time with them and to figure out how things are going to run because once the dust settles, none of those people are going to be there in the middle of the night helping you. So you just have to do what is right for you.
  • I'm only having twins but I understand feeling like a bit of a sideshow. We don't have twins on either side of our families and our close friends are all having singletons so this is shiny and new for everyone we know - and it's frustrating.

    We plan on keeping visits to a minimum until we're settled and have had to reinforce to family that we will not be committing to any events for the first couple of months. We've just had to put our foot down and remind them they're our children, we're getting help from our parents but we don't want a parade of people coming to see "the twins."
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