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Gestational diabetes this late in pregnancy

For past few weeks have had a few dizzy spells & feeling really faint. Seems to be happening more and more often. Mentioned it at my last appointment and doc told me to make sure I'm hydrated and eating small meals. It didn't help as I've had a few episodes since then including two today. I'm noticing now that it happens after I eat, especially carbs. Of course I jumped on google and hypoglycemia seems to be the match. I failed my first glucose test but passed the 3-hour test so now I'm wondering if it could be GD.
From reading birth announcements here it seems like women with GD get induced around 38 weeks so now I'm a little concerned because I'll be 39w on Monday. My next appointment isn't until Wed. Does this warrant a call to L&D? It's past midnight now so wondering if I should wait until Monday when the doctor's office is open. DH actually wants me to wait until my appt on Wed.

Re: Gestational diabetes this late in pregnancy

  • Women with GD only tend to get induced early if they are being controlled with medication (I was, and not til 39w1d). Also GD usually causes your blood sugar numbers to be too high -- not the hypo situation you are describing where you are going too low.

    What types of carbs are making you dizzy? Maybe some type of sugar crash. Are you getting enough protein with each meal?

    If you are concerned I would call your doctor -- not L&D since they would just need to reach out to your doc.
  • I have gestational diabetes and the issue is high sugars. A good sugar level is "technically" between 60 to 120. But I notice if my sugar drops below 70 I get shakey and lightheaded. Definitely doesn't sound like a gestational diabetes issue, more like you said hypoglycemia. Google some hypoglycemia diets and try following those. Eat a good breakfast, 2 hrs later have a snack like a glass of OJ, and handful of grapes, then 2hrs later have lunch, 2hrs later have another snack with a fruit since it has natural sugars in it. With my gestational diabetes I'm always eating or snacking, but I have to watch my sugar and carb intake. When you feel dizzy, try drinking a class of juice and wait 20 minutes. Liquids with sugar are fast at raising the levels.

    I am by no means a medical professional but definitely consider calling your doctor's nurse advice line.
  • I've got this problem! I basically just eat something every 2 hours (try to keep it healthy - string cheese, apple, etc) and keep a banana ready for when I wake up in the morning. That seems to do the trick!
  • You said it happens after you eat carbs? I occasionally got rebound hypogylcemia prior to pregnancy which means if I ate something to sweet my insulin over-reacted causing low blood sugar. This happened most frequently when I had a lunch meeting and they had cake or something and I hadn't had time to eat real food before the meeting. Hypoglycemia as a disease can be pretty hard to trigger for diagnostic purposes (I'm a dietitian and when my boss really wanted to see if a patient had it she typically had to order a 6 hour glucose test because it was so hard to get it show up on a 3 hour glucose test, which as you can imagine is pretty miserable process).
  • Thanks for your replies! I'm not at all familiar with GD or hypoglycemia.. sounds like they are different issues so I will follow your snack tips and check in with my doctor tomorrow.
  • Yea doesn't sound like GD to me. It's almost over just keep eating and inform doc.
  • Keep us posted! Hopefully it's an easy fix and nothing major.
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