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Seeking Advice: Sleeping in his crib

Our LO was doing pretty well sleeping in his own bed. He was in a small bassinet until last Monday. The Saturday and Sunday before he actually slept for 6 hours straight! And after waking up to feed he went back to bed in there no problem.

Monday he had his 2 month appointment where he received his shots. We also found out he's a whopping 15 lbs 4 oz. The weight limit for the bassinet is 15 lbs, and I've been thinking about transitioning him to the crib anyways (he was starting to look too long for it)... so we did so that night. Or tried to...
We had been using one of those velcro swaddles... that night he had a blow out in it and (stupid us) we only had one.

Ever since that night he won't sleep for more than 30 mins in his crib. At first we thought maybe he was fussy from his shots. I also tried him back in the bassinet (no luck there either). He's pretty much grown out of his swaddle so we bought a "transitional" one this weekend... hasn't made a difference. So he has been sleeping in our bed in my arms (please don't tear into me for this... I'm doing what i can).

I want him sleeping safely in his own bed. Any suggestions are appreciated. Maybe I should try the original swaddle and his bassinet again? How seriously would you take the weight restriction on that? (I realize 4 oz isn't much lol).

Thanks in advance! (And sorry for the long post!)
- SS

Re: Seeking Advice: Sleeping in his crib

  • I swaddle with a blanket and put LO n the corner of the crib. Some babies don't like the crib cause it's too big and roomy. We start with him in our bed and once he gets dozy I move him to the crib. In the morning we will cosleep. DS goes anywhere from 5 to 7 hours in the crib like that.
  • I would suggest going back to the Velcro swaddle and just getting a larger size. We tried moving to a swaddle where LO's arms were still enclosed but up by her head and she slept HORRIBLY the two days we used it. Went back to her old swaddle and she went right back to her usual two 6-hour blocks at night. As for the transition to the crib I don't have much advice, our LO was in her crib exclusively around 3 weeks and was taking all naps in there before that. It may just take time for him to adjust.
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  • It is so hard to get them comfy in their cribs, and to simultaneously transition out of swaddles. We struggled with the same thing with both of our boys. We did crib naps during the day, a musical mobile, and massages. The combo of those different things helped them to get into their cribs happily and start STTN. Also, we made an effort to keep the room warm (I know it sounds silly, but they really love being cozy at about 72 degrees Fahrenheit). If you're interested in all the things we tried that worked, I wrote up a summary of our best tactics. Good luck!

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