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Looking for a great Midwife or OB!!!

Please offer the name of your Midwife or OB if you delivered at Northside Hospital or plan to deliver at NH.

Thanks a million!

Re: Looking for a great Midwife or OB!!!

  • I've been with OB/GYN of Atlanta for both of my pregnancies. They have a mix of midwives and OBs. I've also seen a mix of both (my preferred midwife has since retired) and I really like everyone I've worked with there. I like that its a mix, as well. My intention for both babies was a vaginal delivery, but both ended up as c-sections, so it was nice to have seen some of the OBs in the office already since they ended up doing my procedure, but the midwife was still there in the room with us and for follow ups.
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  • Thank you sooooo much for the information. I'm trying to decide between OBGyn of Atlanta and Atlanta Women Specialists, so I'm trying to get as much feedback as possible.
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  • Dr. Bradley Moore. He was awesome.
  • Hi, I did deliver at Northside, (4/13/15) even did 23 days of bed rest there, I had the best midwives at my ob/gyn, right next to the hospital.
    Northside Women's Specialist
    Rachel, Judy, Amy, Wanda, and Deana are great midwives, and love Dr. Jill Purdue!
  • Roswell ob/gyn. Rgt by Northside bhut numerous locations
  • I used Atlanta Women's Specialists for 8 years but my doctor moved last year so I switched practices. I use Arbor OBGYN and Dr. Nicole Petchenik. She's amazing. They also have a midwifery team if that's the route you want to go.
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