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Soon to be four 2 and under how to breastfeed twins together

I'm 23 weeks pregnant with twins and I have a 2 and 1 year old I was wondering if there are easier ways to breastfeed both at the same time. I would like to know different holds and what pillow is the best for same time feedings

Re: Soon to be four 2 and under how to breastfeed twins together

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    I loved the Brest friend nursing pillow and I always did both babies in the football hold. Even when I was solo nursing, I would do the football hold with a pillow propped up underneath the baby For a few months. Tandem is definitely doable but in the first few weeks you will need help getting babies both latched. I only tandem nursed after they were about a month old and usually only right before bed, first thing in the morning and then only if we were trying to leave somewhere to save time. I much preferred solo feeding, but my boys did eat really fast so it wasnt totally time consuming. You'll find what works best for you!

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  • I also use the my brest friend nursing pillow. Love it! It works for any hold with amazing support. I nursed my girls separately for the first day to get used to them. After that, I've always fed them together. It helps keep a routine, so you don't feed all the time. I put them in the football hold and away we go. If one twin wakes, I wake the other and feed them together. My dh helped me for the first 2 weeks while he was home. Then he had to go back to work, and I was on my own. I put them in their rock n plays next to me, sit down with my pillow and get ready, then grab them one at a time and put them on my lap. I latch one and then latch the other. It takes a little practice, but them becomes completely routine for you and babies. They love eating together too! They always hold hands while they eat. So I get to bond with them, and they get to bond with me and each other! My girls are 6 months old and ebf! I have about 800 ounces of breastmilk frozen for when I'm at work, and I breastfeed when I'm with them. I also have a year old son. Best of luck!

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