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Body image issues

It seems like this 3rd miscarriage really has me hating my body. Not only do I feel like my body has turned against me but I feel like I am extra hard on myself about the way I look. I see every strech mark. I see ever bulge. I just dont feel pretty or like my husband should be proud to shoe me off. Just wondering how you guys deal with it. Thanks!

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  • I'm sorry about your losses, and how they have you feeling now. I don't have your specific experience, but I do understand not loving your body, whatever the cause. Whenever I'm feeling especially down about myself, I find it helps to try to pick one thing I'm happy about and repeat it to myself. It's not always something physical, but it can be. Today, I love my hair color. Today, I am proud of my healthy fingernails. Today, I got ready for work faster than DH (a real accomplishment for me!). It sounds really cheesy, but it starts to build a little positivity, and we all need a bit of that on this board.
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  • Thay is a wonderful idea! @Jabreen

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  • Since my miscarriage I've also been struggling with loving my body. My DH tells me every day that I'm beautiful and sexy but I just don't feel it. I look in the mirror and I feel like my body just doesn't look right.
    I booked myself a hair appointment, maybe getting a new colour and a little pampering will help give me a boost.
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  • I changed my hair color and have started working out again :) that has helped this week a little. A long with making myself put on make up every time I leave the house. Making myself put on real clothes not just sweats.

  • I'm sorry you're having a tough time. I too chopped and dyed my hair after my first loss. I also threw myself into an new exercise regime and trained for a 10k. I find that exercise endorphins are amazing for my mental health and self confidence. My second loss last week has left me unable to work out and eating like shit, so I'm looking forward to throwing myself into exercise again.

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