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Ob/Gyn Recommendation that delivers at Winnie Palmer

Not pregnant yet but hopefully #2 in the near future.  Apologies in advance for the long post.  I used Ob & Gyn Specialists in Winter Park with my last pregnancy and unsure if I want to stick with them.  I was generally happy with all of my prenatal care and visits and liked the doctors that I met with throughout.  I liked that everything was done at the office (bloodwork, ultrasounds, etc) and I didn't have to go elsewhere and make additional appointments.  I had a few frustrations with the billing department and also felt like I spent a long time waiting for each of my appointments as they always seemed to be running behind.  I understood with it being such a large practice that it was unlikely that I would actually have any of the Obs that I saw be the one to deliver and that was the case.  At the time of delivery I really liked the doc helping me along, but after the fact (and after severe tearing and chronic pelvic organ prolapse) I feel that I was rushed through delivery.  With an epidural I didn't really feel what was happening to my body and feel that things could have been less severe had things not been rushed.  I am thankful for a healthy son and don't feel that I had poor care, but think I may be looking for something a little different the second time around.

I am looking for a group that is a little smaller so that I might have a chance of meeting most of them to have some sort of relationship prior to delivery.  I would also like someone who will advocate for my body and help me from worsening my pelvic floor issues and prevent severe tearing.  I like being able to take care of everything all at the same office, but realize that may not be an option with a smaller group.  Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.  I have heard/read some positive things about Delaney Ob/Gyn, Loch Haven Ob/Gyn, and Partner's in Women's Healthcare....Thanks in advance!

Re: Ob/Gyn Recommendation that delivers at Winnie Palmer

  • My OB/GYN is part of a group that delivers at Winnie Palmer. It is called Orlando Health Physician Associates. It is a fairly large practice with a lot of locations, but I believe you can actually make appointments to see them at Winnie Palmer if you prefer. I have appointments at the office near my house and have lab work and other testing done elsewhere (u/s at Winnie Palmer). This is my first pregnancy, but I have been seeing my GYN for over 15 years now and am happy and comfortable with him. They have a website if you are interested. 
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  • Thanks! Anyone else have suggestions?
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  • Does anyone have any experience using a midwife in any of their groups and then also delivering with the midwife at Winnie? If so, who are they?
  • I go to Women's Centre for Excellence. It's not an incredibly small practice but they have OB's and midwives. I went to the clermont office but they also have a downtown office.
  • I LOVE Dr. Nguyen at Partners in Women's Healthcare!!! They only deliver at Winnie Palmer. She goes to the office in Orlando (by Baldwin park) and metro west.
  • Dr. Nguyen is amazing, staff is unfriendly.
  • I LOVE Dr. Merritt with Delaney OBGYN in Orlando. Been with them
    For four years and love them
  • @kwunderink I'm at Delaney too! I see Dr. Snow. They are an awesome team who delivers at WP.
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