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My LO is 15 weeks today. For the past couple of days her fists have became her BFF and she is drooling more. She has been extremely fussy!!! We can be happy one minute and then the next she is SCREAMING!!! Bloody murder. Nothing calms her down when she starts screaming. At first I though it was gas, but gas drops do not seem to help. She hasn't been eating as good as she normally
does either. Do you think she could be teething? I know she is young but what else could it be?

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  • My baby is 16 weeks and she has been teething for a few weeks now. Drooling, fist in mouth, runny nose. Time to bring out the cold teething ring and other teething toys. That's what we did. This my fourth baby. My first had teeth at 5 months and I have seen some babies get them at 4 months.
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  • L is 17 weeks. He has been teething since 13 weeks. I'd check your LO's gums and if there are teeth there is stock on teething rings/pacis and numbing gel.

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  • Mine started the drooling/fists in mouth thing maybe two weeks, so around 14 weeks. But that can go on for months before a tooth actually erupts. Frozen teethers and a dose of Tylenol if it's really bad, though I found with my first that the Tylenol never really helped with teething pain so I was happy to reach 6 months as Advil seemed to help.
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