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Deployed husband & complications!

So my husband is currently deployed. I found out today the baby has some issues, nothing life threatening but scary none the less. Also, I'm having a lot of complications. So today was very hard and emotional with out the husband here. He sent flowers which I love, but I really would just love for him to be home but know that isn't possible. Everyone tells me to not stress or worry, but it's hard to NOT do those things when it's your baby... I try my hardest to not be upset but it's hard when all you can think of what if it's not going to correct itself, and all the other million questions running through your head. Just one of those days, where I hate deployments and I just want him home!

Re: Deployed husband & complications!

  • I'm sorry your dealing with a lot of stressful things right now. Do you have someone you can lean on and can help you out when you need it until he gets home? Even if it's just an ear for you to vent to. I hope the rest of his deployment flies by for both of you.
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  • You're not alone! I went through the last half of my pregnancy alone as well. I was classified as high risk due to a pre exisiting medical condition. Do you have family and/or friends around? I work full time, and my co workers were awesome!
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  • I had to deal with the same thing, my husband was deployed and I was having some complications. I ended up having a stillborn at 28 weeks and used Red Cross to bring him home early. Since it was close to end of deployment he got to stay home at least.
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