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Trouble Sleeping

Happy Monday all!!!

I have finally made it to the second trimester. I am hoping that all the great things I have heard are true.

Quick question, I have had trouble sleeping the past 3 nights are so. Is this normal? Not sure if this is a pregnancy related thing or just me, because normally I am one to sleep like a baby the second I fall asleep. But these past few nights I have been constantly tossing and turning and waking up what feels like every 10 minutes. Anyone else experiencing this in the second trimester or at all during pregnancy?  

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  • All. The. Time. I'm better right now but 1st tri was a you know what and I remember 3rd tri being awful with DD. Things that help me:

    -a body pillow...even if you think you don't need it yet, it makes a world of difference.

    -an oil diffuser with lavender in it. I actually hate the smell of lavender but it helps me sleep. You can just rub some lavender on you wrists, bottoms, of feet, etc. but I find the diffuser works better for me.

    -not going to bed until I'm tired/getting up if I don't fall asleep within 40 minutes. There's no point in tossing and turning so I'll go out to the sofa and watch some TV while laying down. I usually end up falling asleep there.

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  • I am 18 weeks right now and I still am having trouble sleeping. I wake up every hour to pee or because my arm fell asleep or just because I am not comfortable. So far it hasn't gotten easier for me. The nice thing is, I have a ton of energy these days so it hasn't been affecting my day to day life anymore. Just hang in there!

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  • Yep. I did with DD too. I take Unisom or Tylenol PM (if I'm achy that night).
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  • Yup! I've had bad insomnia pretty much since the day we conceived. Like Doozer, I take unisom which works wonders. I actually forgot to take it last night (grrrr) and got maybe 3 hours of sleep total. When I do take it, I sleep through the night with no problem.
  • You're not alone, I think the vast majority of pregnant women have some sort of issue with sleeping at some point. Ever since I stopped taking the b6/unisom combo, I have had a nightmare of time sleeping. I am very uncomfortable, peeing a few times through the night and cannot get back to sleep. When I was taking the unisom I had the best sleep of my life, sound and for solid 8 hours at a time. I know its not realistic to be taking sleeping pills my entire pregnancy so my next step is investing in the "pregnancy pillow" and hopefully that will solve some of my problems!
  • I usually sleep well until about 3am. Last night there was no sleeping. I think things were stretching all over the place. I have a body pillow and I do recommend it but after last night...there may be some nights even that won't save you.
  • I definitely feel your pain!! Ever since I got into the 2nd tri I have not been able to sleep through the night
  • I am barely sleeping. When I finally do fall asleep, my eyes pop open for no reason like 2 hours later. Then while trying to back to sleep, my boyfriend's snoring keeps me up. I find myself going out to the couch almost every night, terrible lol
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