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DH has pregnancy symptoms.

Haha. It's been an ongoing joke - but for real - my husband has been having food cravings and pregnancy brain!! I guess that's why they say "we're pregnant"?? Every night he's craving something different. I don't even have many cravings. He is craving for the both of us. Anyone else have funny stories ??

Re: DH has pregnancy symptoms.

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  • My husband, who has put on some significant weight since we got married, seems to be using the "we are both getting bigger" sentiment, as he has put on some more pounds. I've only gained 1! (not including the 4 that I gained being on the hormone meds--that I don't feel good about). I'm not liking the little comments, as I already feel like a bloated whale wallowing. I guess I should laugh it off like you other ladies--such a good attitude!
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  • Why am I secretly hoping the men get the constipation, lightening crotch and the backache and not the cravings and bitchiness!? LOL.

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  • @HighFive16 lol! I keep complaining to DH that he should have the hideous nausea and rabbit pellet poos. I told him he's carrying the next one if I have to design the science myself.
  • Mine is in the same boat. He has cravings, had the constipation the other day and last night started with the pregnancy brain. He also called me a Sour Patch Kid said he is hoping it's just the hormones because he has never seen me so mean. I was talking to the TV and telling the person they needed to practice more and then maybe they wouldn't have bombed. He told me I was not allowed to give tough love to our baby.
  • Mine WANTS to have sympathy symptoms. Every time he feels a little off, he'll say it's because he has sympathy symptoms. We were even out with friends the other day and he told them about his symptoms. I didn't want to out him, but I hope that some day he does get some unwanted symptom
  • I've put on about 3 or 4 lbs. Pretty sure my husband has put on 10 to 15. He has no self discipline and me keeping my pregnancy cravings food in the house is too much for him. Told me I had to start cooking paleo again next week - atleast that won't make me nauseous anymore!
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