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Transition to "part time breastfeeding"

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Is it possible? I'm exhausted and beyond frustrated trying to make breastfeeding work for us. We've been through a lot. Two episodes of mastitis. An abscess. A tongue and lip tie revision. I just can't seem to recover my supply enough to where I feel comfortable with it being her sole source of nutrition. Her weight gain is slow-only about 4-5 oz a week at 12 weeks old. I got it up for a few days after domperidone and lactation cookies. Fenugreek. Tea. Gatorade/Electrolyte water. Then it tanks again. I can't keep up with growth spurts. I stress about every feeding. Weighing before and after. This is mentally and physically exhausting. I think it's time to transition to more bottles in place of lengthy useless breastfeeding sessions. I still want to nurse her like morning and night time and maybe pump some during the day to replace some formula bottles. Is this possible or will my supply just tank really quickly ? I just don't feel like we're going to ever get there or maybe I just need to switch to part time for only awhile if I somehow see my supply get to a comfortable place. Anyway. I need advice, support. Etc. please help! I'll be talking to my lc about it tomorrow probably. For now I'll just keep nursing and supplementing. I just don't see this working long term but I still want her to get my milk

Re: Transition to "part time breastfeeding"

  • I'm following this as I have the same concerns. I feed for an hour and then still have to supplement after each feeding except for the first one of the morning. It's so depressing, of all the issues I expected, low supply wasn't on of them and it's so stressful!
  • Sorry it's been so long with no responses. I didn't have as many issues as you but I did have a baby who gained slowly. I was really concerned at first but our ped is a huge BF advocate and she said some babies are at the top of the weight charts while some babies are at the bottom don't worry unless I worry. My son was blasting through milestones and I was still a nervous wreck.
    If I think I remember around 12 weeks being a big supply challenge maybe even 20 after that it gets easier because baby gets real food. As for supplementing if it's something you want I'd say go for it your supply with adjust; however, your baby's demands may increase and you might not be able to meet the volume needed for the day/night feedings. I had a friend BF and top up when this happened.
    Seriously though you're probably doing great! Make an apt and ask your ped about it.

    FYI the tea did nothing at all for me, fenugreek, oatmeal and hydration worked. Also adding healthy fats into my meals I started a high fat diet and I swear it helped my LO (almonds, coconut milk (I'm lactose intolerant whole would work too), lots of avacado)
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