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Holiday Party Dresses

Ugh. I'm in what I like to call the "ugly fat phase." I don't have a pretty bump yet, just a bloated mass that gets bigger as the day progresses. Some women are into shoes, some are into purses, sunglasses, whatever. My guilty shopping splurges has always been a gorgeous party dress, but this year, it's just making me depressed. I'm definitely not big enough for a maternity dress, and if my maternity jeans have taught me anything, it's that they don't hold in the blump. I've been combing saks, nordstrom, and rent the runway for normal dresses, but the fitted dresses are really scaring me away. I've found some cute ones that could work on RTR, but I want to get at least a 10 and 12 (pre preg size 8), and many of them are only in 10. So, that means 3 dresses to try would be close to $200, and at that point I may as well hit the sell rack at Saks. 

We've been out of town for Thanksgiving and just got back home late last night. I have a busy work week and then my husband's big Christmas party is on Friday. So, I either need to find the dress today, or I have to risk online. Any ideas or styles? Anyone else having to find some flattering party dress styles for this awkward phase? If I had a legit bump, I'd rock it. But I feel so insecure right now with the bloat that makes me look 7 months pregnant by dinner. Not to mention that I live in Las Vegas, so tights are not always needed. I can't even get a spray tan to help me feel a little better. I just want to feel pretty, especially after eating a ton of food over the last week and not working out. :(

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