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Baby BOY!

So my SO and I elected to have an ultrasound done at 17 weeks today for 55 bucks ( a November special ran at a ultrasound place )! We are having a precious baby boy and I'm thrilled! I highly suggest it if you are dying to know! The place was beautiful, she was 99% sure, and if on the small chance she is wrong we get our money refunded. We are thrilled

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  • Yay congrats for you momma!!! :) we ate calling a place Monday to set one up for when I hit 17 weeks as well
  • Congrats!!!!

    Just had to bring this up, sorry! But I'm sure your SO is happy since he got what he wanted. Shoulda done that reveal party :wink:
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  • Yeah he did some serious re-explaining and apologizing but in the end he did get what he wanted! Such a brat haha @tgortney
  • Well I'm glad he apologized :) I'm also having a boy! Yay for boys!
  • Yay!!! Congrats!!! We found out a couple weeks ago that were having a boy too!! Team Boy!!
  • Congrats!! We found out a little while ago that we're having a boy too! :)
  • Yay!  We are on boy #5 here.  I love my boys!!!!!!!!
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  • I'm having a boy too
  • Congrats! Another boy here! Seems to be the month of the boy!

  • We're having a boy too, it's our first!
  • We are having a boy as well!! This is our first baby!! Due May 2nd!!
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