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Hi i was 4 weeks pregnant and i was starting to have a miscarriage on oct 31 started bleeding till nov4 my hcg level went down to a 5 I havent gotten my period yet how long do you usually have to wait till your period comes i have been having sex this month too

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  • Our loss was October 30th. Got my visit from AF yesterday.
    My HCG level was 1 last Wednesday.

    We were advised to use protection until 2 cycles have passed.

    Did your doctor say anything about trying again right away?
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  • I had a natural mc at 6weeks in Feb, (my current one used misoprostol to induce) it took me 31 days to get AF. My highest known HCG that time was about 15,000 at time mc was confirmed it was 1500. It took about 3 weeks to get to zero. I AF about a week after.

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