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Positive 1st Trimester Screen

I just got a call from my doctor saying the initial blood work came back positive for down syndrome, that it isn't diagnostic so we have to do further testing. This is really scary. I'm wondering if any one else has gone/going through this? Any advice? She didn't really have any kind of ratios on how accurate this blood test was, just that it wasn't diagnostic so I'm really unsure of what the chances are. I don't really want to talk to any friends or family about this yet, but I could really use some advice or input maybe from anyone who knows a little more about this testing or has experienced this?
Thanks ladies 

Re: Positive 1st Trimester Screen

  • I haven't experienced it since we chose to not have the genetic testing done, but I would look at the point the doctor made that the testing wasn't diagnostic and further testing is needed.  There is a chance that a marker came up and presented itself as positive but you have low chances of your LO being born with Down's Syndrome.  It's not as reassuring as you would like it to be, but your doctor is trying to get you the answer that you need.  Find someone (perhaps a counselor?) that you can talk to just to have just to express your feelings will greatly help the stress that will build from this situation.  Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!
  • thank you:) 
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  • No experience with this, but just wanted to send some positive thoughts your way. 

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  • The number of unknowns sounds really scary. I wish your dr. had been able to give you more information. Best wishes to you...
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  • What test did you have done?

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    Hi there! I'm so sorry to hear that. There was another lady with the same ish results a few threads back. She had a 1:41 chance and she actually updated us and her baby was just fine :) let me see if I can find the threads for you.

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    I'm so sorry you're going through this and I'm sending positive thoughts to you!!

    Although I don't have the same experience, I suggest speaking to a genetic counselor (usually the test center will have one). They definitely educate you about the all the abnormalities, chances/risks, etc. I'm assuming that the Dr will order you to have a AFT test done...i hear these tests are not diagnostic, but can actually confirm if your baby has any chromosomal abnormalities.


    Hope this helped a little! all the best to you. *hugs*
  • I have a friend who tested positive with both pregnancies for downs and spina bifida and both babies turned out just fine

    Sending lots of prayers your way!
  • I know someone whose baby tested positive for a trisomy disorder and he baby was just fine! So sorry you have to deal with this! Sending you light and positivity!
  • I don't at all want to inundate you with questions, but did your doctor say what the next steps would be as far as testing?

    I ask because somewhere between DS1 and this pregnancy, my doctor's office started doing a different genetic testing and .  We just did a round of genetic testing and as he explained it to me, the results are equivalent to what an amniocentesis would tell you, but less risky and less scary.  I am hoping you can go that route :) 

    A genetic counselor is a great suggestion, as well. They'll be able to answer your questions.

    I'm sorry you are dealing with this stress right now.  I hope you get some answers soon!  I'm sending so many positive vibes for you and the baby! 


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  • Thanks everyone! They set me up with a genetic counselor tomorrow, they are doing a blood test that they said is equivalent to an amino but with no risk (yay).  
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