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Help! Severe sciatic pain!

I am nearly 16 weeks with twins. I have only gained a couple lbs and am not really showing. That being said i already have extremely severe sciatic pain. Shooting down my leg and occasionally numb toes, but constantly excrutiating in my butt cheek. I had spine surgery in 2013 where i had 80% of my disc removed from the l5 s1 level. I was cleared for pregnancy even though i have a conjoined nerve root at that level. (Two nerves coming out instead of one) i have been doing planks, some light stretching lunges aNd squats to try and strengthen. I have also done some suggested stretching. What else can i do? When my back hurt bad before it was from swelling and i would take advil for a couple days and i would be fine. Now i feel like i have no options.

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  • Ever tried a chiropractor? Just make sure you go to a doctor if chiropractic who has experience with pregnant women.
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  • I'd also recommend a pelvic health physiotherapist if you can find one. If it's that severe, you want to see a professional at this point.
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  • I'm so sorry! You have my complete sympathy. I had a herniated disc a couple years ago, which luckily did not require surgery, but I can't imagine anything worse, not even child birth. It is crippling! Anyway, what really helped me was when my husband bought me an inversion table on craigslist. You'd have to ask your doc if it's safe to use being pregnant, and after the surgery you've had.

    It looks like a piece of exercise equipment, but you stand on it while it anchors your ankles. You lean back, and the backboard tilts back at different angles so that you are hanging from your ankles. This stretches your spine, putting space between your discs and relieving the inflamed sciatic nerve. You will feel about 5 inches taller after using it. It's amazing.

    I hope you get some relief! My disc blowing out again is my single worst fear (for myself) during this pregnancy.
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  • I have a bulging disc that causes sciatica. I was in physical therapy and the only thing I've found to temporarily relieve the pain is to lay on my stomach and push my torso up with my arms. I guess it pushes the disc back to where it's supposed to be or something. It helps for a couple hours at least. The physical therapist and my Ob basically just said I'm going to have to live with the pain. Hopefully you find something that helps!

  • I had really severe sciatica my last pregnancy, and I live in fear of the day it returns with this pregnancy.

    I tried to suffer through it for a while last time, but eventually went to a chiropractor who had a lot of experience treating pregnant women. It really helped me and she gave me exercises/stretches to do daily at home that made a world of difference.

    My chiropractor visits weren't covered my insurance, but were so worth it!

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  • LO sits right on my sciatic and I have back issues as well. The only relief I will get is: getting on all fours, drop your arms and lay your head on your hands with your butt in the air, and hold with deep breaths. Sometimes rocking my butt back and forth slowly will help ease it as well. My PT gave me an exercise to do for my sciatic where you sit in a chair, lift one leg with toe pointed down, bring your leg to straight in front of you and flex your toes up, then bring your leg back down. Repeat for both legs 10-15 cycles. It helped in the longer term strengthen my sciatic. Took about a month to really feel the results of it. GL I hope these help some.
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  • Another vote for find a chiro who specializes in pregnancy! I have a bulging disk down by my sacrum that renders me useless when pregnant, and my chiropractor is my saving grace. In addition to helping with the pain, the better your problem is controlled, the more likely your pelvis will be properly aligned and strengthened too for birth and recovery. 

    That inversion table looks awesome @concreteayngel ! I do forward inversions off the front of my couch, and also do child's pose with my arms over my head to stretch my lower back.
  • I'm sorry to hear you ladies are in pain :( Mine was so bad my first pregnancy (this baby makes 5) that my OB put me on bed rest & gave me an Rx of percocets & told me to buy a new pair of really good tennis shoes. Bed rest took the edge off so I only took the Rx when I absolutely had to get out of bed & leave the house, other than that I suffered. I will say when I finally gave in & bought new shoes it helped tremendously & I wish I had listened to her & done it sooner. I was super lucky those other pregnancies & so far during this one too not to have to deal with sciatica pain but I did the new shoe thing everytime right off the bat so who knows if that really made/makes a difference or not. I hope things get better for you ladies soon.
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