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Does anyone else

Not feel very pregnant ? Other than a dizzy spell or two during the day and crazy restless legs at night before bed, I don't feel very pregnant

Re: Does anyone else

  • Yup, I now forget I am all the time. Welcome to second trimester fabulousness!
  • I just hit 2nd trimester yesterday, but my 1st trimester symptoms ended about 2-3 weeks ago and I realize I forget all the time now, especially if I've had a super busy day. I did get a pretty bad headache last night that was still there when I woke up this morning, so I'm hoping this is not the beginning of the 2nd trimester headaches and this is just a fluke. Really though, this pregnancy has been pretty uneventful and smooth sailing - which I'm grateful for. But you always hear about the morning sickness and how rough pregnancy is, so it makes me worry at times that this isn't normal. Sometimes I just have to focus on the fact that I haven't gotten my period in 4 months so I know I'm pregnant, and if something were wrong I feel like my body would tell me.

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  • All of the time. I'm starting to get fears again that something is wrong since I just don't feel pregnant at all. Can't wait for appointment on 12/9 just to hear/see baby again to make sure everything is ok!

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  • All the time despite the little bump I'm working. I blame my time suck of a toddler. I've also been pretty lucky to have easy pregnancies.
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  • Good to know ! I'm a little over 15wks and I feel like I can tell I'm showing some. But I'm 6'0 tall so no one else really sees it. Just weird to me not feeling anything really anymore. Next appointment is the 15 and then my anatomy scan is on Christmas Eve morning! So I'm very excited. Just feels good to know I'm not he only one feeling this way since it's my first time
  • Aside from my bump and my headaches I don't feel it all either!!
  • I totally agree. Little bump, occasional RL twinge, but otherwise I mostly forget that in pregnant.
  • Yes! I've been feeling movement for almost two weeks, but it's fleeting. Its the only thing that reminds me I'm pregnant. It's definitely unnerving to not "feel" pregnant.
  • I feel the same way. I mean I'm tired more easily but I really don't feel pregnant much of the time. Make me anxious something is wrong.

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  • No bump, no symptoms at 15 weeks. I didn't really have many symptoms earlier in pregnancy though either.
  • Sadly no. Still barfing away at 17w5d. Sigh.
  • Daily headaches aren't allowing me to forget.... And I'm not helping myself by refusing to take anything. If it were any more painful I'd need to, but it's just at the level that I can suck it up.
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    I'm still somewhat tired and have sore boobs, but other than that I don't really feel pregnant either.

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  • Same here 17 weeks 2 days and occasional reminders like being tired allllllll the time and mood swings but I'm so paranoid I just want to see another ultrasound and hear his heartbeat! I was so sick the first 14 weeks it's scary feeling human again.
  • This makes me feel better, I'm 15w3d and I get heart burn and have a bump, but feeling really down about not knowing what's going on and having to wait 3 weeks for an appointment. Boo :(
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