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Restless legs and...

All day I'm usually fine. Lately having a few dizzy spells, but other than that feeling great. Feel like I'm not even pregnant ( sometimes makes me nervous). But at night right before I'm about to go to bed my legs feel like crap! Can't get comfortable at all! Also, constipation has not let up for me at all.

Re: Restless legs and...

  • did you have a question? like, were you wondering if this was normal? I've seen a couple other posts about restless legs at night.
  • Have your doctor check your iron levels, dizzy spells and RLS are common signs of iron levels being low but they're also normal pregnancy signs. Try increasing some iron rich foods in your diet, RLS really affected me back and I used to ice my legs before I went to bed and had SO massage my legs, it helped. I also cut out sugary food, drinks and carbs about two hours before bed. 
  • If your legs are cramping, try eating more bananas.
    Drink more water.
    I understand the discomfort when sleeping. Make a pillow fortress! Pillow behind your back, under your belly and one between your knees. That usually makes me feel more comfortable.
    You can take stool softener to help with the constipation. You can also use laxatives but do not use them so often that you come to depend on them.

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