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Hunger Cues

Our LO will be 11 weeks on Monday, and ever since he "discovered" his hands, it is really hard to tell when he is hungry, or just wanting to suck on his fingers and hands.  Before discovering his hands, any sucking on his hands was showing he was hungry.  Now the only thing we notice is once we have a bottle ready, and he knows it's time, he will start sticking his tongue out over and over again...sort of like licking.

Anyone else going through this?  Any other obvious signs your LO shows now when hungry?

Re: Hunger Cues

  • My LO has stuck his tongue out in a lapping motion since the very beginning and he still does it. He will also start burrowing to find boobs if I'm holding him and he's hungry--he'll do anything he can to find them when it's time!
  • Ah, YES! I have the same issue! What I found works is patting my finger on the sides of his cheeks and around his lips - if he roots towards my finger then I know he is hungry and looking for a nipple (bottle/breast). Hope that helps :)
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  • I think my son curses me out when he's hungry. He screams bloody murder until that bottle is in his mouth lol
  • The same thing is happening to us! Hand to the mouth used to be a definite sign of hunger. Now she's constantly suckling on her fists so it's so hard to tell. She is also really fussy lately so ever her cries aren't a sure sign. I'm constantly getting my boob out and hoping that's the cure. I never used to pay attention to her feeding times because her signs were so obvious, but now time is all I have to rely on so I'm picking up her schedule slowly.
  • Same here. We introduced a pacifier around now seldomly because I think she just really wants to suck and I was mistakingly giving her a bottle and she was spitting up a lot more. Obviously not hungry.
  • Same! The worst is when feeding she puts her hands in her mouth Inbetween and such like I can't get the boob to her fast enough. Jeez kid. Lol. I think there's a very subtle difference with the cues vs just hand sucking. Lo is more fussy/agitated when actually hungry. If she's just happily laying there sucking her hand after she had 4-5 oz of breast milk then I can be pretty sure it's just comfort sucking. If she starts smacking her lips and being really noisy I figure she might be hungry. Also a theory the baby massage instructor told us is that our hands have similar pressure points like our feet and the thumb is connected with digestion so that's a benefit for sucking? Idk... But she has seemed a lot less uncomfortable gas wise since she started sucking on her hands and thumb.
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