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Morning Sickness started in 2nd trimester

I am 15 weeks and 6d pregnant, I got out of the first trimester with no morning sickness I felt absolutely fabulous. Well just 3 days ago I started feeling sick with gagging and even vomitted one day. It happens within 10 minutes of me getting out of bed and only last for about 20 minutes. Is this normal to start now?


  • This time I've been consistently nauseous on a regular basis, but with my first I got it all at once, with actual puking, on our baby moon at ~16 weeks. So, yes. For whatever reason though it was only for a little over a week and I was only really sick one weekend.

    Try to keep crackers or preggie pops near your bed and have some once you start to feel it. Mine is the worst a when I'm hungry.
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