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Intro/Apology. Hello everyone!!!

I would like to reintroduce myself to this group.

Back in January I joined this group because I had an Ectopic pregnancy. However, I joined the group at the worst possible time because there was a lot of.....not nice things going on, that I will not rehash. I will just say that being apart of the board was bringing on more stress, so I stopped coming around after a few weeks. Now, with the holidays approaching, and no pregnancy yet, it began to bring back old feelings that I had when the ectopic happened. I can't stop thinking about how things should be, or would be if that wouldn't have happened, or what may have caused it. It is just replaying in my mind, and once again I need a support group of people who may be going through similar things. I have been commenting on posts and I have not introduced myself to this group, so my apologies. So here I am, this is me. I am sorry for everyone's loss, and that these conditions are what bring us to this particular website. I also hope that everyone is able to make it through the holidays as pleasantly as possible.

Re: Intro/Apology. Hello everyone!!!

  • Welcome, so sorry about your loss. It sucks that you weren't able to get the support you needed from peers because of whatever was going on here (I don't really know, I'm rather new to TB). I really hope we can be the source of support you are looking for.

    This is just such a heartbreaking situation and the holidays don't typically make it any easier. Continue to be kind to yourself, try to rejoice in the love and company of friends and family. I'm praying you get your rainbow baby very soon!
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  • Welcome and sorry for your loss. Have you tried out the TTC after Loss group too? That's a nice place for some support if you haven't. 
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  • Totally understand. Welcome back. I am sorry for your loss. You could not have done anything differently and the loss is not your fault in any way. It's easier said than believed, but it must be said. It's so frustrating to feel so out of control of something within our own body.

    I have been hesitant to join in these forums because as an observer in the past, I saw some unpleasant exchanges. My current situation is such that I recently experienced my fifth miscarriage and I thought I would try sticking my toe in some of the loss groups because I wanted to talk to some people who might relate.

    Hopefully we can both find support and good company.

    Cheers to you!

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