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stomach/side soreness

Has anyone else started experiencing stomach soreness? I just started noticing tonight that my low stomach, almost right above my hips, was sore. But it's only off to the sides, not in front. It's not cramps, just feels like i did a bunch of sit ups.

Re: stomach/side soreness

  • YES!! My sore stomach has been getting increasingly worse, basically it feels like I did 200 sit ups yesterday... all the time! Very sore, no cramping.. just sore. Guess it makes sense that I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow that uterus is gonna start popping out!!!
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  • Definitely stomach soreness here... and no worries, it's totally normal :-)
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  • Ugh, yes! I've been so uncomfortable & feel like I just have a constant (& awful) stomach ache. I'm glad to know I'm not alone.
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  • The same has been happening for me. Luckily it comes and goes for now.
  • Thanks! Right now I also get a cramp right on my left hip like if I stand up too quickly. It feels like a pulled muscle and that I do have to take a minute te pass. Have u experienced anything like that??
  • Yes but all in the front and in only 10 weeks but popped out like a balloon the last few days! Really hurts when I'm trying to stand from sitting position :(
  • What you're describing is round ligament pain I think? Pain in the ligaments that support your uterus because it's growing and relaxin is affecting the ligaments as well. It was actually my first symptom of pregnancy...though I had appendicitis or something but it was just a baby :P
  • Yes I have! On Sunday I was walking weird because of the odd soreness. My husband probably thought i was being dramatic haha. The soreness comes and goes for me.
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