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I am a 38 year old newlywed as of late February.  1st marriage no kids.  Hubby is 45, 2nd marriage, no kids.  We finally decided to stop putting it off, the TTC game, as it will never be the "perfect" time.  Plus, my doc said "stop waiting".  This is my first cycle where we tried to conceive.  O date was about 11/12.  In my 2ww and annoyed by how impatient I am to just know, even though I wasn't expecting to get it on the first try.  Especially since we only DTD once on the 11th.  I haven't been charting or temping yet.  My cycle is very regular despite being diagnosed with PCOS over 14 years ago.  My hormone levels are good and cycle is 27-28 days.  Last pelvic U/S did show one ovary had cysts but I haven't had many symptoms since my early 20s.  Not sure how difficult it will be to get pg.  I do get my ovulation symptoms pretty much to the letter as when ovulation calendars tell me.  I had CM on 11/11 and 11/12 and twinges in the pelvic area.  Right now, just trying to get through the wait. I am taking my prenatal vitamins and trying to connect since it's hard to announce IRL that you are trying or expecting in the early stages.

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  • Good luck and congratulations on your marriage!  I've also found it difficult talking about TTC IRL - nobody wants to hear the tough parts.
    Temping and charting is a lot easier than it seems.  I use Fertility Friend app on my phone and used and liked Glow at point.  Just some tips ;)
    **child mentioned**
    Me(38)PCOS/Hypothyroid   DH(43)Low T/ED
    MMC at 10 weeks 03/2011 DD born 01/2012   TTC #2 since 04/2014
    BFP 8/26/2016

  • Welcome and good luck!!!
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  • Welcome and best of luck!
  • Welcome and good luck!
  • Welcome and good luck!  May your stay be short! :)
    *** Child & current pregnancy mentioned ***
    Me - 41 (PCOS), Hubby - 43 (healthy)
    7/2013 - Sweet baby girl born (Clomid + TI)
    3/2014 - TTC #2, return to RE 7/2014
    12/2015: IVF #1 transferred two great looking embryos - BFP!
    First ultrasound: TWO beautiful little heartbeats!!
    Harmony: negative; level 2: babies look great and are boy/girl! :) 
  • Welcome and good luck!
    Me (40) & DH (29)
    TTC 6+ years9/2015 - 1st IUI (17th) - BFN
    10/2015 - 2nd IUI - Cancelled(Cornual Polyp)
    11/29/2015 - IVF ER: BCP, Follistim, Menopur, Ganirelix, Lupron
    ER Results: 30 ret / 25 mat / 20 fert / 16 day5/6 blastocysts
    1/15/2016 - FET w/ 2 4AB blastocysts BCPs/Estrace/PIO/Medrol
    BFP!! Beta#1 - 593  Beta#2 - 1129  Beta#3 - 4975  Lost 1 snowflake(complete mc) 6w2d
    Mr. Bojangles due 10/02/2016!  Induced 9/28/16 & arrived on 9/30/16!
    11/27/2017 - FET #2
    BFP!! Beta#1 - 65 @15dp5dt Beta#2 - 3328 @19dp5dt
    Twins due 8/15/2018 (but most likely sooner due to two)
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