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Baby won't stop crying. Ever.

Please give me some advice. I've brought her to the doctors and everything is fine and we are going to see a gastro doctor tomorrow but she just screams and cries for HOURS non stop. I'm talking all day all night. By the time my husband gets home from work I just throw her at him (not literally) and lock myself in our room because I just can't listen to her anymore. She's fed, burped, clean diaper, rocked. Nothing helps. I just don't know what to do anymore. She's almost 7 weeks and I am going to lose my mind soon.

Re: Baby won't stop crying. Ever.

  • I am so sorry you are going thru this!!! DS has had days like this. Have you tried gripe water? It sounds like she is colicky . My mom said that my brother was bad like that and the only thing that helped was him being up on her shoulder high looking out .My LO has fits like this, he has a terrible time getting rid of his gas and pooping and it seems like nothjbg helps.
  • I hope you find answers at the GI Doctor.
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  • Hang in there mama. You are doing great. I hope you get some answers from the GI doc.
  • I second the gripe water if you haven't tried it! It worked for my dd when she was fussy. Also, are you breastfeeding? It could be she is allergic to milk or something else in your diet. My nephew was like that for weeks until they found the right formula. Good luck!!
  • If you ate breastfeeding, I second checking your diet or if formula feeding toy might want to try other brands. My LO was like this too and my doctor said baby could be allergic to something I'm eating so to watch my diet. I decided to give Similac sensitive a try. I figured if he was fine with formula then there must be something wrong with my milk. It worked, then I started mixing in my breast milk.

    It turned out he was just hungry. I thought he was getting enough breast milk bc he would un latch himself to tell me he was done. Turns out he was just tired of working so hard.

    In my case there was no allergy, but that could be your situation. Not sure how you feel about it, but trying formula could help.
  • Thanks all. I'm definitely going to try the gripe water. I've tried everything else. I am formula feeding and we are on our 4th different formula right now and this one seems to agree best with her out of what we've tried. It's the Similac Alimentum. I don't know what else to do. :(
  • We are also using mylicon gas drops and she is taking medicine twice a day for reflux. But I haven't seen any improvement
  • I am using a probiotic made by Gerber for colic. It has reduced our crying time and seems to help her tummy troubles. I found it near the pharmacy by the infant Tylenol etc.
  • The gerber soothes? We tried that unsuccessfully
  • Yes, those are the ones. Sorry.
  • LOUD white noise! Like right in their ear. This is how we get our babe calm. Also swaddling. Dr Karps 5 S's work wonders. (From the book Happiest Baby on the Block) of course there's no time to read right maybe just do a quick Google search of it for now...or YouTube videos! Hope you find it as helpful as we have :)
  • I second the LOUD white noise. We had a sleep sheep which didn't do anything for our baby. I noticed that she was calmed by looking out the window, so we got a projector for nighttime. It happened to have sound, and the volume is WAY louder than the sleep sheep. Worked like a charm! Also, gripe water. Gas drops didn't work for my baby, but gripe water did.
  • Really? I'll definitely try that. We have the sleep sheep too, totally uninterested in it. So I went out and bought a white noise machine (I'm trying anything at this point) but it's across the room from her. I'll put it right next to her now! Fingers crossed
  • I bought a machine from target I forget what it was called but it has white noise and a projector. It wasn't that expensive like maybe under $20. I put it in the cradle with him in the corner so he can't reach it, but close enough so it's loud for him. I currently have it set on heart beat, it seems to be the only type he likes.
  • Are you noticing bad gas? When my baby gets super fussy with gas I give the drops, swaddle her, give her a pacifier, hold her on her side facing me, go into the bathroom and turn on the bath water full blast and rock her. If she still needs to eat, I feed her once she calms. Otherwise she will fall asleep. My Dr told me her intestinal tract was under developed and it'll just take time. Let us know what the GI Dr says, I'd live to hear any advice they give you!
  • Try Happiest Babies on the Block by Harvey Karp.  There is a video too you can watch.  Shushing, swaddling, swinging, on side and sucking (pacifer).  It was a lifesaver for my first who cried the majority of day and night for almost 4 months.  Colic/reflux never figured it out but it did stop eventually.  Get help as much as you can so you can get away from it.  It's okay to put baby in a safe spot (like crib) and give yourself a quick time out.  Take a quick shower or just get away from the crying.  I had to do it a few times.  Sorry you are going through this!
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  • trishee13 said:

    Ok update! 1- my nurses at the hospital like drilled the 5S from happiest baby on the block into all the mothers at the hospital so I've been trying that (unsuccessfully) but I also have the book sitting .. Waiting .. To be read.. But I didn't know there was a video so I'll try that next!

    2- we went to the gastro yesterday and I LOVED the doctor. Even before we said anything he basically listed off her symptoms and he said he's had parents ready to leave their babies there. He is very confident that it is just very bad reflux and that my pediatrician just had her on too low of a dosage so he upped it and gave us a new prescription for it. He said he never starts anyone that low and it's probably not doing anything

    3- we moved the white noise right next to her rock n play that she sleeps in and last night between that and the increased medicine she did so well! And she slept for six hours! I can't believe it. Fingers crossed that this is actually going to help and it wasn't just a one time thing. Thanks everyone so much for their advice!

    Yay! I'm so glad you got some help!
  • Glad you're getting help! My babe had a similar problem and like someone said earlier she likes to be held upright on the shoulder. Also, if baby has another fir try doing what's called the "colic hold" where baby's head is on your forearm and you're cradling their body with your other arm, hand on the tummy. Worked wonders for me!
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