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New mommy, bottle weaning!

Hello! My LO is 7 1/2 months old and I'm not sure when to start weaning him from the bottle. He is eating some solids and isn't having the bottle as much as before but still needs it to fall asleep. I've tried giving him the training sippy cups but he just chews on them because of his teething. Am I trying to do all of this too soon?

Thanks! (:

Re: New mommy, bottle weaning!

  • Well it's one thing to get rid of bottles and another to get rid of formula or BM. Your LO still needs BM or formula until he is a year old. That is his primary source of nutrition. Feel free to wean off bottles but you don't really "have" to until your LO is 1.
  • My pediatrician said that exposure to sippy cups at around 6 months is good. She said we could wait to make the big switch until he is 1yr old but giving the exposure to them will make the switch easier.
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  • With DS1 we started giving a sippy of water around 6.5 months. He never really drank from it, but he had it to play with. I didn't have to worry about BM going bad in the cup if he played with it for awhile. By his first birthday, he figured out that he like the cups and we put the bottles away easily. 
  • My first was weaned completely around 10 months. I had to wean from breast to bottle at about 9 months so I figured might as well switch him before he gets attatched. I still mixed his formula in a bottle but poured it into a cup for him to drink. He was fine with it. I think it varies by kid but my 6.5 month old seems to like her cup pretty well. She only uses a bottle while Im working so I plan to wean her to the cup early too.
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