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Any OKC mom's planning on staying at home after baby?

My husband and I have decided that I'll go back to work for a couple of months after my FML time but then by the time LO is about 5 months I'll be quitting for good to stay at home with him. Anyone else making the decision to stay at home? I'm already trying to find play groups, etc because I know as soon as I leave work there goes my social life. 

Re: Any OKC mom's planning on staying at home after baby?

  • I have been at home since I had DS in December of 2010. Not to say that it doesn't come with its own challenges but I wouldn't change it for anything! Lots of playground, Mother's Day out, fun places around OKC for you and baby! Good luck.
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  • I'll be staying home after baby.  If you want a mommy friend, let me know!
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    I've been home since "j" was born. it's definitely and adjustment. 

    @devinefisch, @specialsn0wflake, when are you ladies due? or have you popped yet?

    probably stupid question, but I'm wondering at what age should I start looking at playdating...

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  • I will be staying home after having my baby. Would love to hear about some meet ups or stay at home mom groups. My baby is due in August. I moved to OK a year ago from the East Coast and would love to meet some mommies.
  • I'm staying home with baby I'll be due in October
  • I'll be staying home after DD is born toward the end of August, and I'm in the OKC/Moore area.
  • I've been a SaHM for 13 years. It's only been rough for me in the summer with my 3 kiddies out of school. I pretty much have 0 social life until hubby gets home. Then I would rather spend my time with him than take our car and go somewhere. I agree with PPs that being able to get out and let the kids play with other kids while you get to socialize too is a good experience. I never did play dates myself but my kids seemed to like being around other kids at about 18 months or so.
  • Im a stay at home mommy and I would love a friend
  • Yes! We are planning on me staying at home. I am currently only working part-time right now.
  • I'm going to stay at home also. After about February. We already have a four year old and I'm thinking about home schooling for him while I stay at home. Does any one have any advice.
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