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Wobbly neck

Hi mommies, FTM here. My LO's neck is still a bit wobbly most especially when I try to grab his hands from lying on his back to a sitting position. However, he does great on tummy time and is able to roll over with a bit of my help too. How are your LO's doing? I am just a bit concerned as his pedia said that she wants to reassess him and make sure he doesn't have cerebral palsy issues. I am scared and so anxious to know how your LO's are doing. I know for a fact that our LO's develop everything at their own pace and I just don't want to think too much. Any mommies out there who's in the same situation or has gone through the same experience? Please share your thoughts. Thank you mommies! :)

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  • He is 19 wks old... I don't know if I should be worried or not (yet) with what his pedia have told me yesterday :( Have you tried the sitting position exercise with your LO yet? How was it?
  • mayringormayringor member
    edited November 2015
    I tried doing that too and he could hold his neck but kinda wobbles still which is for me, a bit of an improvement. Whenever he gets excited, his neck flops back a bit and then that's the time I put him down as I don't want to stress his neck too much or his spine in that case. We were asked to come back on Monday for the reassessment. I am hopeful and have been praying that everything will be ok and there's nothing too serious about this neck issue. I try not to worry but I just can't help it. I even checked the symptoms of cerebral palsy for infants and the picture that I got on the internet shows exactly how my LO is when I try to put him on the sitting position. I don't know if his weight could be a 'problem'? He's 8.39 kgs and height is 68.3 cms.
  • wilcoxonk said:

    This picture is exactly what my son looks like too (the left side) the right side however he does not do. He holds his head that way in line with his body. Does your LO look like both?

    - No, just the one on the left too. Pls let me know how your LO's check up goes..I would really appreciate it. Thank u!!
  • Our DD is 17 weeks old, and she is wobbly. We have to remember that they are actually still very little humans. I keep expecting her to reach more milestones and hubby keeps reminding me that she is just on 4 months old. I'm sure he is fine honey, keep strong xx

    - That's true. We are probably just excited moms especially for FTM like me, are you too? Thank you, it's always better to talk to someone who could relate to what you're going through. God bless!
  • n3na94 said:

    My friend's son had wobbly head till he was 5-6 months. He is now 11 months and crawls, sits in high chairs and moves his head just fine. Have faith and think positive. Like you said every baby develops and grows at their own pace. Don't stress about this and keep us updated please. I will include you and your little one in my prayers and you will see Monday will be good! Please keep us update and don't worry mama!! :blush: God bless you and sending hugs your way!

    - Thank you for being awesome! Having faith and being optimistic is definitely on top of my list, these are the traits that keeps us going. I appreciate you including us in your prayers, that's what I need now too. For sure will keep you updated.
  • Fantastic news!!!!!! Really happy to hear mumma
  • Oh just a quick update... I got a call from LO's pedia late afternoon yesterday and she said that she wanted LO to get a blood test done (we're gonna do it today) and she wanted to get a 2nd opinion from the other pedia...
  • She certainly is thorough. Better safe than sorry I suppose I'm just concerned she may be worrying you unnecessarily. Fingers crossed, but still certain there's nothing to worry about. Do you follow the wonder weeks? It said that aurora would regress about now and she has, her head needs more support in this leap, and she is having trouble with her teeth moving. Do you find your LO has regressed at all?
  • Everything will be fine!! Keeping you and your little one in our prayers. Keep us updated and I know we will hear great news instead. God bless you and do not worry, He is in control! :wink:
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