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Dressing Your Twins

This is the first year my twins chose their own Halloween costumes. So, I guess I can't bend them to my will and dress them in cute coordinating costumes anymore! 
Luckily every once and a while I can still get away with dressing them the same on a day to day basis. I don't have enough outfits to do it everyday, but every once and a while it's fun to dress them alike. 
If you have same sex twins, do you dress them in matching outfits? 
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Re: Dressing Your Twins

  • My twin boys are not quite 2 yet so they can't dress themselves, so most of the time they are dressed the same. Or at least coordinating (same shirt in dif color and same pants). The older they get the more I match them hah! I will do it as long as they let me :)

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  • I dress mine coordinating a lot still. 
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  • It's so fun to dress them the same!


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  • I'm 18 weeks with boy/girl twins and I'm totally planning to be that mom who dresses them alike! I don't care if they hate me for it haha There are so many cute clothes that are the same but one in pink and one in blue, I'd even put them both in blue- I don't care! Lol
  • I still do on occassion, even though DH hates it. (He is a twin, too, and they had to dress alike when Grandma visited.) I usually just save the dressing alike occasions for pictures and holidays.
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