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Cute baby sleep habits! <3

Do any of your little ones need anything special to fall asleep while you're holding them?
For example: my little one needs to be hold onto my shirt or jacket, any article of clothing will do for him! lol
I just think it's the cutest thing! :)
How about you ladies? (and hey include picture if you have any).

Re: Cute baby sleep habits! &lt;3

  • So cute! My LO insists on hold onto my face before she falls asleep. She'll get a good grip on my nose or lips which is sweet but my bedtime is now at 9 with her lol
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  • Without fail, every morning when my LO wakes up he gives us the biggest smile like he missed us!

    The when we pick him up he will do a huge stretch into a superman pose
  • Not about sleeping, but about when he wakes up: If I wake him to take him out of the car seat or swing, he keeps his little legs up while stretching his arms and looks just like a baby frog. And in the morning when I take him out of his swaddle he stretches all his limbs while making the goofiest faces. I love it!
    This is so funny! Isaac's nickname is Tree Frog because of the way he clings to me in his sling.  We so rarely use his actual name that DS1 calls him Tree Frog too. 
  • Sleeps with arms up and noisey squirmy stretches. Always!
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    This face when stretching lol he stretches him legs and arms down like he's amazed by something lol he also wakes himself up by laughing in his dreams and opens his eyes while smiling. It kills me <3
  • He usually needs to be nursed to sleep or his paci but when it falls out of his mouth his mouth stays open and it's sooo cute :blush:
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    @realsquirrel My LO does the same thing when coming out of the car seat or the swaddle! He also sleeps with a "fight the power" fist in the air when he's not swaddled. And when I'm burping him, he presses his cheek to mind and sometimes turns his head and gives me big, slobbery "kisses" -- it's hilarious and I love it!
  • Mine grabs onto the strap on my nursing tank whenever he nurses as if to say, "You're not going anywhere, mommy!"
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    She tucks her hands under her chin. She also laughs while sleeping, it's super cute! But she has yet to laugh while she's awake... She smiles like crazy though.
  • Not a sleeping habit, but when LO wakes up and starts squirming/crying out of hunger. Once I grab him close to my breast, he is so distracted by smiling that he doesn't even latch, just smiles. I think it is his way of saying "yeaaaah, the good stuff is here" lol!
  • Mouth open and arms stiff straight. Could stare at him forever.
  • jen83mn said:

    Mine grabs onto the strap on my nursing tank whenever he nurses as if to say, "You're not going anywhere, mommy!"

    Ha mine does this with the strap of my nursing bra! It's like she's clinging to her life raft!
  • Omg @jessbruxanovaa he is so perfect what a little cutie
  • One eye open all the time I feel like just checking to make sure you are still there.
  • Omg @jessbruxanovaa he is so perfect what a little cutie

    Thank you so much! He is such a silly baby! I love him ❤️
  • Our little man does this too! It's equal parts adorable n funny! :)
  • My little one opens one eye to make sure I'm still there lol she's also fell asleep a few times holding onto my hair lol
  • Awww, I LOVE all these photos of precious little squishy sleep faces.  :)  DS likes to nurse to sleep and will hold onto my shirt. During the day he can fall asleep on his own in his swing or bouncer but at night he definitely needs to feel his mama. 
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