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Neverending cold

So a couple weeks ago my son had croup. I don't think he ever fully recovered bc he is now wheezing again!!!! He sleeps through the night with no problem, the trouble is when he wakes up and starts walking the wheezing begins. Is it possible to get croup twice? Any suggestions on what I can try at home before taking him to see his pedi again? I am so paranoid of going outside now!!!

Re: Neverending cold

  • Croup usually always turns into an upper respiratory infection after the barking cough part of croup goes away. That URI or cold can last for weeks too :( My son had croup many times so we are quite experienced with this although he never had wheezing with the croup.

    I'd call your Pedi anyways just to let them know what is happening and make sure there's nothing else you need to do.


  • Any recommendations on how to prevent or relieve discomfort? Any suggestions would help
  • Do you have a nebulizer? DS has asthma so he has a nebulizer with prescription steroids that help open his lungs.
    If not, pretty much all you can do is constant
    Saline & suction, Humidifier & baby Vicks or make your own with essential oils.
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  • Added to what PPs have said, Johnson and Johnson makes a baby soap that helps- you put a capful in the bath water, and let them soak and breath in the smell. It's the one in a green bottle- I think it's got menthol or something in it! It smells really good. (Although with daughter I'd do it in the morning or after her nap, because it would really wake her up!)
  • humidifier, steamy showers, nebulizer, saline mist
  • Thank you everyone!
  • Fill the bathroom with steam from the hot shower and close the door. That helped when my son had croup. Plus run a humidifier at night.


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