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Never ending miscarriage

Has anybody ever had a miscarriage linger on and on and on?

I conceived on 8/23 and at my 8 week appt found that it didn't have a heartbeat (same situation as my 1st mc in May). I decided to wait and allow my body to process it naturally like it did previously. On 10/12 I decided that waiting was consuming my life so I used Cytotec 800 mcg vaginally. It produced lots of cramping and bleeding so I assumed it had worked.

2 weeks later on Halloween I woke to cramping and excessive bleeding with large clots. Went to the ER and found out via u/s that the embryo was fully intact. My OB decided a D&C would be best due to bleeding and becaise my cervix was open (risk of infection). D&C was completed and I made it home in time to see my 2 kids out the door to trick or treat. Never had cramping and only minimal bleeding/spotting.

4 days later I spiked a temp of >102. Went to the ER. U/s showed uterus to be "junky" and an area of increased vasculation so they started me on 3 different IV abx and kept me overnight for observation. My OB assumed it was retained tissue. I spiked a fever of 102.9 that night in the hospital. Ended up being there for 5 days because my blood work showed bone marrow suppression and my blood pressure was really low, but I felt fine. During those days they gave me oral cytotec and methergine to try to get my body to release the tissue. Discharged with oral abx for 7 days.

1 week follow up u/s showed same junky uterus with increased vasculation. Hcg is down to 715 from 1200 last week (few weeks post d&c at this point). My OB is trying to avoid a 2nd d&c so she gave me cytotec 600 mcg vaginally but it hasn't produced any cramping and only spotting.

At this point I almost want to just have another d&c to be done with this but I'm terrified something will go wrong and I'll not be able to try for another baby. I'm just emotionally drained from this whole experience and can't understand why my body won't cooperate like it did in May when I mc naturally and easily.

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    Sorry for your losses and sorry it is dragging on. A loss is painful enough without it dragging on for weeks and months.

    ETA: It cut off my original post.
  • Now I'm waiting for my OB to call me and probably order more cytotec. All the doctors and midwives in that practice are baffled as to why this is happening.   
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  • So sorry to hear of your loss and your troubles! How awful. Did the first D&C seem to go well, according to the doctor? I have had two myself, but very minimal bleeding, and no pain or other issues. I hope they get to the bottom of it very soon! Hang in there.
  • I am so sorry for your losses.
    I had a m/c in January of this year. It seemed to go on forever. In February they found abnormal vasculature in my uterus and I had to be put in medically induced menopause. I still bled until April. I had appt after appt and every time they told me something else. I was finally told in June we could TTC again, but in Sept we were told I wasn't ovulating. Found out Nov 12 that I'm pregnant with my rainbow baby.
    It is frustrating, and heartbreaking every time you hear something different, or see more bleeding. It will get worked out. I went to see a grief counselor to help, and it really did help.
    I hope you get resolution soon.
  • I'm so sorry this is happening to you. What a mess. I hope someone figures this out soon for you to get some finality and let you begin to heal.
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