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Local adoption or international?

Which one would/did you choose and why?

We have been thinking about adoption. We want to be 100% sure before we start any adoption process that we are ready for a child. One of the many things we are considering is local adoption or international. If we do adopt internationally, we would want to adopt from either China or Korea. However, we live in an area where they're aren't many Asians.
Would the child eventually feel like he/she didn't belong since there aren't many people here that look like him/her?

Thanks for reading and for any comments :)

Re: Local adoption or international?

  • * Reason for the second question * (feeling like they wouldn't belong)

    I have a sister whom my parents adopted internationally and since there aren't many people around here that look like her, she has a feeling like she doesn't really belong. I'm just wondering if that always happens or not.
  • If you are considering adopting transracially it is so important to reach out and learn from adoptees who have experienced growing up in transracial families.

    The number one thing All have said to me is growing up in racial isolation and not having racial mirrors i.e. People who look like them in their lives was very difficult and not advisable.

    I would not recommended adopting a child of a different race if you can't provide them with a diverse environment and willing to fully embrace their heritage.

    There are Transracial adoption groups that you can find in Facebook that would be worth joining if you want to know more!
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  • We are doing a foster adoption.
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