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2nd Trimester

Half of stomach hard, half soft

I'm 17 weeks and I notice when I wake up in the mornings, I feel a hard ball or hard spot on my right side, but not my left. Could this be my baby?

Re: Half of stomach hard, half soft

  • In my case Yes. I know where she's at most of the time because I can feel her position the past 2 weeks. Sometimes I can't but if I'm on my back I always know where she is.
  • I'd say it most likely is baby. Mine has always seemed to favor the right side as well.
  • I have a fibroid on my right side that sticks out from my uterus - was able to feel that before I could actually feel baby by about a few weeks. Now I can feel both - my OB describes it as having a "mickey mouse ear" on my uterus.
  • Same thing happened to be around that time and I assumed it was my baby.
  • My placenta is anterior and sits in my right side. I seem to see it more in the morning, probably because the baby likes to snuggle with it. Definitely getting to the lopsided point of pregnancy already!
  • Mine favors the right side as well, especially in the morning. During the day it moves but I definitely can tell at bed time and morning that he or she is chilling on the right side.

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