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Intro! (BFP and CP Mentioned)

Hi ladies!
I'm 25, married and have a young daughter (conceived using donor sperm, femara, and ovidrel trigger) With my first TTC journey I had a chemical pregnancy and laparoscopic surgery along the way and then finally our BFP.

We are currently TTC #2, using the same anon donor as with our first child. Our first IUI was last month and was a BFN (femara, metformin and ovidrel), and we are now having our second IUI tomorrow with follistim added in there for an extra boost. My RE has advised that if this IUI doesn't work then we move into IVF, which I completely agree with for many reasons (insurance, donor sperm availability, and fertility).

Now for my question- I triggered last night at 9pm and my IUI is tomorrow at 9am. All night before the trigger yesterday I was feeling slightly crampy and like there was something "going on" in my ovaries, and it felt like ovulation. Today I feel absolutely nothing going on in there. I'm scared we've missed O, and our RE office isn't open today. Has anyone else taken femara and follistim and felt like they were O-Ing but weren't? I'd assume with the ovaries making more follies than normal that the feeling is normal, but the part that freaks me out is that I feel nothing today!

Sorry for being such a basket case on my first post, I promise I'm not always so anxious!

Re: Intro! (BFP and CP Mentioned)

  • @Knottie52234364 - Just came across your post.  I hope by now that everything worked out and you got your BFP.  After my follistim trigger I kept feeling very brief but sharp jabs from my left ovary (where the majority of my follicles were).  I think what you felt was normal.  
    Me (39) | DH (41)
    Married: 5/31/2014
    TTC #1 since 10/2014
    SA: Count/Motility = Good/Decent; Morphology = 6%
    HSG: All clear
    November 2015: 100mg of Clomid for 5 days, 1 -75mg injection of Follistim 
    4 mature follicles! - RE cancelled cycle (bummed)
    Course of action is medication and TI
    May 2016: 100mg Clomid for 5 days, Estrace for 5 days, Mucinex for DH and I during ovulation week, 100mg progesterone & a baby aspirin until I get BFN (so of course I'm hoping to have to continue taking them). DH is now also taking a multi-vitamin with Zinc.
    Course of action is still medication and TI
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