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Difficult Time Breastfeeding

I am a FTM and I have had an uphill battle with BF-ing since my LO was born back in June. He was a full term baby but he was in the NICU for the first four days of his life due to us having a precipitate delivery. I was able to pump and BF during that time but he had a bad latch and I was not made aware of this until he was 2 months old! My LO has always acted like he does not get enough to eat. I've talked to a LC and his pediatrician; the LC saying I do have a low supply and the pediatrician saying my LO is fine. My question is this, could there be something physically wrong with my breasts? I have pumped after every feeding, I have let my baby latch every hour sometimes trying to increase my supply, I have made lactation cookies, taken fenugreek supplements, taken Mother's Milk Plus, eaten oatmeal for breakfast every day, and drank 8 glasses of water every day yet I constantly feel my supply is not enough. Is there anything else anyone suggests or does it get any easier? I have supplemented only three times during the whole 5 months he's been around. Any help would be much appreciated! 

Re: Difficult Time Breastfeeding

  • Have you reached out to La Leche? It took me two tries, but I finally found a local group that helps me. I saw at least ten different LC at the hospital and none of them were as helpful as LL. If your pedi is saying that your LO is fine, still reach out to LL, but I'd still trust your pedi. They don't beat around the bush, if you need to supplement with formula they'd tell you I promise!
  • I checked out my LL and they only meet once a month and so far I have never had a way to get to it but I try every month. Also thank you for the reassurance!
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  • I felt like this with my son a lot when we first started nursing he was born at 31 weeks and I had to pump and feed him via feeding tube for 3weeks before starting our nursing relationship it was very trying! I ended up stressing over nothing if your little one is gaining weight and has the sufficient amount of wet and dirty diapers he is getting what he needs. Maybe he is sensitive to something your eating? When he's nursing is it uncomfortable usually if the latch is bad you can feel it from what ive heard. I'm not an expert by any means you always know your babe best and if something doesn't feel right , but it does get easier:) it took me a good while to feel like things were finally right with breastfeeding my son. He is 14months now and it was well worth all the effort!
  • Your LO is 5 months old and pretty much exclusively breastfed. Is he gaining weight appropriately? Are you changing multiple diapers a day with clear yellow urine? Is he hitting milestones? I'm assuming yes since pedi says Baby is fine. If so stop worry and just keep BFing. A La Leche League meeting isn't a bad idea either.
  • I went to my LC today and she said I was only able to give my LO 1/2 ounce both breasts. LO gained 1 lbs and 3 oz in three weeks though.
  • Hmmm were you supplementing at all or just bfing? Did she do the scale where she weighed before then after you bf?
  • Just BF-ing and yes she did. Still having issues and am getting close to supplementing to soothe LO...
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