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LO looks like...

I have been getting so irritated that everyone keeps saying our LO looks like my sister when she was a baby. I don't know why this makes me so mad I just want to be like oh really my baby doesn't look like either of her parents... really this is what you are going to say to a hormonal lady right now. Who have you been told your LOs look like?

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  • BrandiLaw87BrandiLaw87 member
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    It's funny this came up in another thread. DH's family always talk about how LO looks like him and/or his sisters when they were babies. My MIL always says "she looks just like my babies did!"

    DS is spitting image of DH (just lighter colouring) and I don't mind people commenting on that. It bothers me a little with this LO, maybe because she's a girl?

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  • My LO is a really good mix of myself and DH. Some days she looks exactly like me and other days she resembles him more. My parents agree with that statement, however the in laws, of course, do not. DH literally looks just like his dad when he was younger, pretty much a clone. But my MIL insists that my LO looks like her side of the family, which is not so! My mom put these two photos together and MIL still insists she doesn't see me in LO at all... It's so irritating! I'm on the left and LO is the right!
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  • @aharders89 That is your nose, they can't deny that!!!
  • My family says they see me someday or my husband in her which I agree with. Most days it is my hubby she resembles most. My in laws always say my husband. It's irritating. But I think that's because you want to hear they look like you. Especially when she's a little girl!
  • My little guy looks like his dad, but he has my nose :) There are times I think he looks like my brother when he was a baby though! I always said if we had a boy I wanted him to look like my husband (because of course I think my husband is good-lookin'!) and if it was a girl I wanted her to look like me. I also think it's easier to see a resemblance in the same gender, so father/son and mother/daughter. So I'm not bothered by any of the comments ... all I know is he's adorable! :)
  • At 10 weeks my LO looks just like me when I was a baby. I'm on the left, our guy on the right.

    All the men on my DHs side all look alike so I'm sure once LO hits puberty he will be his dad's twin.
  • When DD was a newborn she was the spitting image of DH. Now at 3 months she is starting to look a little more like me. It looks like she's going to have my eyes at least. Her mannerisms though are all daddy's. But she got my high strung temperament.
  • My baby is DH's clone. My in laws say his eyes are shaped like mine, but all babies have big, round eyes. And they're starting to go gray like my husband's.
  • At birth he was the spitting imagine of his father but I think it's just because he has red hair. Everywhere we go I've had to have it thrown in my face by strangers that he looks like his daddy. He has my eyes, nose, lips, ears, cheeks and skin tone. But he's not blonde like me, so automatically no one thinks he looks like me. I'm on the left and he's on the right in this picture from when I brought him home
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  • I tried to add these. He does not look like his father but everyone refuses to say he looks like me...
  • He looks just like you @chelseajeanene
  • Our little guy looks like my side of the family. When he was first born he looked exactly like my oldest niece, minus the Mohawk she had. As he gets older he looks more like me. He has my hubbys hairline.
    We both come from families with strong genes. DH is a clone of his dad, who is a clone of his grandma. I look like my mom, who looks like her dad and her grandma. So we weren't sure who he'd look like.
    So far our baby has a laid back temperament which he gets from his dad.
  • @stacies831 THANK YOU! it's about time someone notices lol
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    I would be a little frustrated if my in-laws were convinced my kids only looked like them, although I wouldn't might too much since they're an attractive family. ;)

    Everyone says my LO looks just like his big brother. The only real difference is the hairline. (DS1 on left at 14 weeks and DS2 on right at 6 weeks).

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  • Everyone tells me LO was carved off my buttcheek. He does look a lot like me. The facial expressions he makes are 100% from his dad. The two baby pictures are me on the left and my son on right.
  • I don't think my son looks like either of us. He kinda looks like my dad who was very fair with blonde/blue. I'm half Japanese so he doesn't really look like me. My DH is half Mexican so he doesn't look like him either but he does have his hairline :)
  • I'm going to say my girl will look like her daddy. Only because she is the carbon copy of her big brother who looks just like his dad!!
    My daughter on the left and son on the right!
  • My LO is a spitting imagine of his dad as a baby. Sometimes I see little features from me but he doesn't look anything like me, two completely different people lol. My SO in the first picture, LO in the second, and them together.
  • I literally just went on a rant on Facebook yesterday! On every single post DH family post a comment saying how much DD looks like him! He's dark haired with blue eyes and I'm dirty blonde with brown eyes but when he was a baby he was blonde and I had black hair. I got so irritated I posted this picture so all of his family can shut up.
  • Our LO looks just like me when I was born. My MIL hasn't even seen her in person yet but can't stop saying how she looks so much like me like she is disappointed. She told my husband we need to have another one so they can look like him.
  • My LO looks exactly like his dad. Everything I've done for and been through with this baby just for him to look nothing like me! Lol :smiley:
  • My baby and his dad. Identical. And now that my baby has a little more chunk on him, they look even more alike
  • My daughter who is now three, is the spitting image of me. My son looks like daddy. But they both have my nose! ❤️
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