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A little TMI...

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29w5d here & experiencing some of the "fun" preggo symptoms...like constipation & what feels like a swollen vagina. Just cried to my DH about poop & how I didn't want t accidentally push too hard & hurt my baby. I'm just sooo uncomfortable! anyone else experiencing this? Any tips?

Re: A little TMI...

  • I unfortunately have both :-( I've been limiting my underwear usage (generally on a need only basis - like at work aha), increasing my fruit and water intake like crazy as well.
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  • Been drinking tons of water but that of course just lends itself to another fun preggo symptom....literally running to the potty every 30 minutes. I'm a FTM....definitely have a lot of respect for moms. Growing a human is hard!!!!!
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    Oh bless you that sounds awful. I too suffered with horrendous (& painful) constipation a couple of weeks back and it's not nice - you forget how painful it can be. Yes water is good as it upping your fibre and fruit consumption but what worked the best? Eating fig rolls - yum :) That and I ate some chilli I made and that seemed to do the trick!!!!
  • So this is tmi... but I got horribly constipated earlier in my pregnancy while on zofran, and it resulted in a five hour bathroom trip and stretch marks around my anus. Moral of the story is take some stool softeners before it gets to that point! Miserable!

    Milk of magnesia, kefir, and colace are all safe for pregnancy and helped a ton. As for the swollen vagina, same here :( haven't found a solution for that one yet, and I think the only one out there is to give birth. At which point it will definitely get worse before it gets better.
  • Miralax!! It's been my hero. As for the swollen lady bits, ugh. I was just telling my bff that I feel like I'm sitting on inflated inner tubes. So uncomfortable!
  • Dude, Miralax saved me! My husband and I have had so many poo conversations since I became pregnant because of constipation and gas pain. So attractive. Haha

  • Milk of magnesia and colace have been my heroes...
  • Thanks all for the advice! Called my OB today & they also said to try Miralax. Hopefully it helps!

    Now I know why they invented the push present.
  • Colace worked for me when I was struggling with this, also making sure I was eating fruit and/or leafy greens daily.  Good luck!  
  • I'm with ya on both! I drink SOO much water to help with the constipation, but it takes so much more water than normal! My poor husband lol now I have a yeast infection on top of it all. I'm pretty sure he thinks we will never have sex again lol!
  • Ok the solution for the constipation is extra magnesium. I got some powdered lemon raspberry magnesium that I put in hot water about an hour before bed and drink it. It not only helps me sleep, it helps my pregnancy RLS AND keeps me very regular. It tastes great too. You should get some!!
  • Mirlax, stool softener prune juice as well as well as lots of water.
  • I ice my lady parts at night and that helps w swelling
  • Dried prunes and apricots
  • I eat my yogurt with a serving of all bran buds every day, it seems to be helping.
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  • I've been using benefiber since the first trimester and it definitely helps. I've also found yogurt helps a lot. If I don't eat yogurt for a couple of days it's no fun.
  • I had a horrible experience early on with constipation, I was around 9 weeks and it was so bad that milk of magnesia or taking fiber capsules (like it says to on the bottle, too much fiber can cause constipation as well) and fish oil supplements (natural stool softener) didn't help at all. I was so afraid that I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital. I was in so much pain and nauseated so bad that I couldn't really eat anything.
    So my oldest sister in law who is an RN gave me a Fleet glycerin suppository (which are perfectly safe) and after about an hour I was able to go to the bathroom, it was uncomfortable at first but it was a big relief afterwards considering the situation.
    Stay away from too much chocolate, cheese, and bananas. Those foods will constipated you.
  • I've been upping my water intake and fiber intake to keep from becoming constipated. I used to have a lot of digestion issues pre pregnancy but somehow am having the opposite affects now.

    As for the swollen lady bits I think that will take care of itself on its own. Mine go in spurts. Swollen some weeks from all the blood flow and not as swollen the next. I can't imagine what a hot mess my lady parts look like right now, I hate not being able to see past my belly and shave or at least clean myself up!

    Hang in there! It's all for a good cause!
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