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Breastmilk stopped in one day :(

I decided to take a day of me time while baby was with grandma. Over the course of the day my body produced lots of milk to the point where my breasts became painfully engorged. When I finally got back to my baby boy boy the next day, I fed him then pumped the rest of my milk for later. it has been a day and he has only taken one bottle and I am not producing milk. What does come from my breasts is yellowish and very small amount. I've basically been panicking all day. I made a batch of milk maker cookies and ate like 4 and have been getting him to latch on as often as he's awake to, no avail. I don't know what to do, please help! :(

Re: Breastmilk stopped in one day :(

  • Lots of water, lots of rest, lots of pumping. 

    I hope you can recover. I didn't know it could happen so quickly.  I carry around a bottle in my purse and hand-express when I'm taking any time for myself (or working without ability to pump for an extended period).

    Crossing fingers for you!!!
  • Pump pump pump and while you do that drink drink drink. Milk supply adjusts very quickly especially in the 1st 3 months or so! Hopefully you bounce back but anytime you are away from baby you must pump when baby normally would eat or supply will drop.
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