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  • I did a happy dance when I saw Jane the Virgin was finally on Netflix. Binge-watched the first season and was able to catch up to where we are in Season 2 (on Hulu, but they start deleting older episodes, which is why I couldn't watch more than the first 3 of Season 1...I digress).

    During my last pregnancy, I binge-watched Dexter during my 12-5am sleepless nights. Bad idea, btw. Loved the show, but it didn't help with the sleeplessness!!

    I'd also add Good Wife, and I'm working my way through Parenthood now. Loving that!
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    Ugh! Parenthood!! Love it and hate it (not really). My poor hormonal heart can't help and cry when I watch that show. Soooo good.

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  • Gilmore Girls! All day everyday! They have marathons on ABC Family.

    Idk why but my guilty pleasure is Reba lol also early afternoon on ABC Family

    House of Cards (sooo good)
    The Walking Dead
    Downton Abbey (I miss it so sad this is the last season)
    Law and Order SVU

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  • So many great shows out there!! My faves are

    Right now I'm in the middle of Ray Donovan on Showtime

    When ever I want mindless tv I always go to Bravo, something about Real Housewives or Vanderpump Rules that makes me feel pretty amazing about my normal life haha.
  • Anybody have any favorites on Amazon Prime?  Movies or shows?

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    Anyone else binging making a murderer? We finished in 4 days.
  • smushi said:
    Anybody have any favorites on Amazon Prime?  Movies or shows?

    If you haven't already....

    • Downton Abbey
    • The Wire
    • The Newsroom
    • Orphan Black
    • Boardwalk Empire
    • Veep

    I haven't watched any Prime originals, but do plan to watch Transparent in the future (probably during leave). DH started watching The Man in the High Castle and couldn't get into it.

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  • Anyone else binging making a murderer? We finished in 4 days.

    Yep! Super addictive. I'm not convinced Steven Avery is innocent, but I am convinced the investigation was pretty corrupt and prosecution was not able to uphold the burden of proof. However, don't get me started on poor Brandon. I have very strong feelings about that! Let's interrogate a special needs teenager alone and coerce him into confessing. Despicable.

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  • I didn't read all of these so sorry if there are repeats. My favs are: Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, The Good Wife, Scandal, Gossip Girl, The Man in the High Castle, Walking Dead, True Detective and Homeland.

    If you like reality TV: Vanderpump Rules, Married at First Sight, RHOBH, Gold Rush, Teen Mom OG, Sister Wives, Edge of Alaska

    Documentaries: Going Clear (about Scientology) and Montage of Heck (Kurt Cobain)

  • You can add a plug in to chrome called HOLA which will give you access to BBC I player and channel 4 websites (which would normally tell you are blocked from outside the UK..)online streaming from the UK, it will also open up Netflix to the UK Netflix which is nice as there are different shows on there from the US Netflix... I'd recommend catastrophe on channel 4 if you want a laugh, it was pretty funny and we watched the 2 seasons in a few short days.. ( It follows an American and an Irish woman in London who have a quick week together after meeting at a bar, she ends up pregnant, hilarity from there on out ) I believe the first season might have just been put on Netflix too ? Period dramas ... War and peace on BBC I player is fantastic if you have the mind to concentrate on the complex story plot ( helps if you've read the book for sure ) my other Netflix favs would be ripper street, peaky blinders, happy valley, broad church and hinterland if you are into crime/police dramas ( I'm also English so I love British television and I've been sooo happy since discovering hola) silent witness on BBC I player is great, and for all the pregos.. A must watch was the fasinating BBC documentary "the making of you" which goes over conception to birth in amazing detail... Each few weeks separated by episodes.. A really interesting watch for sure.
  • Not on Metflix yet but hubby and I started watching The Shanara Chronicles. Very like LOTR if you are into fantasy

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