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Too much weight loss?

I'm getting concerned about my weight loss and need another perspective please :)

My pre-pregnancy weight was 123. My normal weight is about 113, but I had been doing a lot of weightlifting and putting on a lot of muscle prior to getting pregnant, so over the year prior I put on an extra 10lb of muscle. I had the baby around 144lbs. Once I had the baby I told myself I would not weigh myself for several weeks because I did not want to be disappointed by the weight not coming of. 7 days pp I was looking at myself in the shower thinking man it looks like my legs got way smaller. I decided to weigh myself just to see. I was 119 - almost 5 lbs less than pre-pregnancy and 25lbs down from the birth. Since then I've gone down to 116. Is this too much weight loss? I'm sure part of it is muscle wasting, but in 9 days losing about 30lbs at my size seems like a lot. Do I just consider myself lucky? Or should I be concerned?
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Re: Too much weight loss?

  • Either consider yourself lucky or call your doctor.
  • Are you eating a healthy amount for your weight and activity level?  Any other indications of something being wrong?  You might just be lucky.  Enjoy it.  :-)
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  • I have been trying to eat as much as possible due to nursing, but I have felt a little nauseous. I've been a little dizzy at times, and last night I was getting the chills really badly. I may just call the doctor to be safe, but I wasn't sure if anyone else had a similar experience. It was just SOOOO different from what I was expecting. Thanks, ladies.
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  • I also lose weight quickly after giving birth. By 1 week post partum, I was 2 pounds under my pre pregnancy weight, but I also know some of that is due to muscle loss. Once my hormones regulate though (usually about 3 months pp for me), I always gain weight while nursing.
  • Good to know, @erinboehme thanks for sharing!

    I ended up calling the doctor and they were not concerned. They said the recent loss of my father (5 days before delivery) could have had a big influence as well.
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