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Mini crib/bassinet/cosleeper recommendations?

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Right now our 7 mo splits the night between the crib in his room and a rock n play by the bed in our room. He's starting to outgrow the rock n play and because it's at an incline he can't stretch out and get comfortable lying flat out. We're looking at the rock n play flat bassinet but reading reviews it sounds like the cushion is pretty thin and not very secure. Crib won't fit in our room, looking for something small and affordable and of course safe, for sleeping in our room.

Recommendations or ones to stay away from? Anyone have the rock n play bassinet? Thank you!

(Ps. Not a post to discuss/pass judgement about sleeping in the crib all night vs cosleeping. This is what works for us for our own reasons; after a scare we are easing into the crib at our own pace)

Re: Mini crib/bassinet/cosleeper recommendations?

  • We used the arm's reach co sleeper for the first 3 months after we got home from the hospital. I loved it. DS was so close and I couldvery easily feed him and just lay him back down right next to me. He sleeps in his crib now, but i still have the co sleeper set up as a mini pack and play in the kitchen so he can play and watch me while i cook. I actually bought mine on craigslist for like $80 but even full price its a great investment. We were using the rock n sleep as our travel sleeper but since DS has outgrown it, we will be using the co sleeper for that as well. 
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