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Feeling Positive

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OK as some of u know my husband n I started TTC last month n so far everything is going good I have symptoms n lots of sign that's showing I could be pregnant which we really hope n pray for. Yesterday I feel like I had a sign from God put in front of my face bc i was at work yesterday I seen my OBGYN counselor n she was like hope to see u soon at the clinic n I was like I hope so too Lol. Oh man after that i was so happy n glowing n I new rite there n then that God is listening to my prays, God is good n I know in my heart I'm pregnant just 13 more days to test. P's for all u mommies out there that r trying know that God is with u n hears your prayers bless u all.
Trisha Natal wife n soon to be mommy.

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  • Keep us posted !
  • I don't think I'm pregnant I'm bleeding n having a lot of pain this period is so different I'm worried I mite be having an atopic pregnancy I'm in a lot of pain cramping my lift side is hurting so bad I can't move rite n I can feel TMI but I can feel blood clots coming out every time I go to the bathroom, I'm so worried I don't know what to do I work tomorrow morning n I don't want to go to work like this. How do I no I'm having an atopic pregnancy?
    Trisha Natal wife n soon to be mommy.
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  • Have you had a positive pregnancy test? If yes, then go to the er. If you haven't then its not an ectopic pregnancy its just af being a cow.

    If you have an ectopic pregnancy you still get all the normal pregnancy symptoms like a positive test because your body is producing the hormones. However it can be life threatening if the egg implants in the fallopian tube because the tube can rupture, which is why it's important to get checked out.

    Little boy due July 31st 2016

  • If you are really concerned and in severe pain go to the er or call doctor if they are around
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