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Swollen 'Flap' Under Belly?

In the last few weeks of my pregnancy I've developed this swollen, tender flap that hangs over my underwear. It's like an extension of my pregnant belly. The doctors say it's normal for twin pregnancies because the stress of the weight is causing the swelling. Does anyone else have this? If you do, what have you done to relieve the pain? It's constantly touching my thighs when I move and it feels sooo tender. I was thinking I could wrap it up with that gauze type tape used to wrap sprained ankles, and that way it won't touch my legs anymore when I get up.


  • What in the world?? I've never heard of this. I'm 21 weeks 5 days with twins so I'm wanting to know more so if it happens I won't totally freak it. Please explain more someone. Thanks.
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  • Huh never heard of it either? I only made it to 37 weeks though...how many are you now? I definitely have a small flap of skin now post partum though! No amount of cocoa butter can prevent twin skin lol
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  • I have something that sounds incredibly similar, if not exactly the same! I was curious if it was the bottom of my uterus (FTM, lol, one of my numerous probably silly questions) so I asked my midwife and she felt it and said it felt like fat deposits, likely just accumulated due to the dramatic increase in weight gain. She was unfazed by it, so I'm not worried. Mine is fairly firm (same firmness as my bump in that area) and doesn't touch my thighs unless I'm sitting down, though.
    I tried to take a photo-not the best representation, sorry, but maybe it'll give you an idea.. Does yours look anything like this?
    Mine is definitely pronounced, though it's hard to tell in the pic because I didn't want to share my entire pubic area with the group, haha. :) The lady parts are definitely swollen at this point! But my 'flap' or protruding part is directly at the bottom of my bump, and not separate-it's like a continuation of the bump I guess.
    I'm at 36 weeks, 5 days.
  • Mine doesn't hurt, though, unless I start pressing on it, so I'm not sure if I have the same thing going on... How far along are you? It's so strange to me, though-it REALLY protrudes so it does make it frustrating to get comfortable when I'm sitting.
  • OMG I just told my husband last night that I feel like I want to wrap the bottom of my tummy up in bandages because of this exact issue.  I'm pretty sure the tenderness for me is the extreme stretch mark action I have going on down there.  I can't wear maternity pants anymore because the elastic that holds them up just hurts too much.  I pretty much only wear maxi skirts that are super extra big.  Also I have a 1 year old who is constantly trying to sit on my lap and rubbing against it.  If anyone has any remedies for this, I'd love to hear them as well!
  • Yup that's what happened to me! And thanks for replying lol my swelling was to the point I couldn't see my pubic area at allin the mirror. I had my girls on sep 11 at 37 w 1 day. It was rushed c sec due to preeclampsia. And the nurses and docs said it was edema that was happening on my stomach. They could tell when they put the nst monitor thing in my belly and it left a huge imprint lol. Hope you r doing well!
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    I didn't have a flap of skin but I definitely had a spot on the underside of my belly that was swollen and super tender (I only made it 35wks though). DR said it could have been where twin A's head was resting in my pelvis and caused bruising from inside. And sure enough my poor twin A son has a HUGE noggin :). It stayed tender for a while even after my CS incision was all healed up.
  • Awe man, I'm 17 wks and almost wish i hadn't read this thread. However good to know. Now i won't freak out, but not looking forward to this. Thanks for the info.
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