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Stethoscope app instead of a doppler

I bought an app for my phone called Babyscope, it turns your phone into a stethoscope so you can hear and record the baby's heartbeat. It works well for me and I was wondering if I still need to buy a doppler or is this app and my regular midwife visits, enough?  

Re: Stethoscope app instead of a doppler

  • I don't think anyone should buy a Doppler. Listen at docs apt when you go.
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  • You don't need a doppler and I'd be extremely wary of an app that purports to pick up a fetal HB. If you're in the second tri you'll probably start feeling kicks soon anyway.

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  • I am so confused by any cell phone apps that claim to pick up a heartbeat. I hope you didn't pay for that.
  • I don't see the need for either as well, especially the cell phone app as I doubt that really works.
    There have been times my nurses could only find heartbeats on my twins for a few seconds before they'd dart away and we'd spent 5-10 minutes chasing them to get a long enough reading. If I were at home with a doppler and that happened, I probably would have panicked for no reason.
    A lot of ftms get these dopplers and don't fully understand how to use them then they rush into the er because they think their lo has no heartbeat when in reality, everything is perfectly fine. Doctors will normally tell you not to purchase one.

  • Your phone is not a stethoscope. Your phone has a microphone, that is it. It's no different than putting a microphone up to your belly.
  • I tried to listen to baby's heart beat my last two pregnancies with an actual stethoscope. It doesn't work. Not sure how a phone app would pick it up.

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  • I tried to listen to baby's heart beat my last two pregnancies with an actual stethoscope. It doesn't work. Not sure how a phone app would pick it up.

    I tried this with my stethoscope too and I just heard my digestive system lol
  • I am embarrassed to admit that I paid $4.99 for an app called MyBabyBeat when I was around 10 weeks...after a half an hour of listening to "my baby" I realized that my pillow and a variety of inanimate objects had the same exact heartbeat as my LO. Sorry to burst your bubble, if it was that easy to hear the heartbeat we wouldn't need dopplers in the first place.

    I did the same thing and I'm not proud of it!! It was pretty cheap and I was tempted, but it barely makes out my own heartbeat. When I try to find baby's it is a muffled static sound which maaaaybe picks up a few beats but nothing like the strong galloping sound I hear at the midwife. At 21 weeks now I feel movement and don't care to hear the heartbeat as much because I trust everything is ok when I feel those pops and kicks.
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