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Doula at Mercy?

Hi Everyone,
I'm trying to decide whether or not we should try to find and hire a doula for the birth of our second baby at Mercy in Portland. My first delivery was completely natural, very fast, and we had a doula in Colorado just over 3 years ago and I'm hoping for a second natural (hopefully water birth) at Mercy working with Back Cove Midwives. This second time around we are having to be more careful with where we spend our money since I'm a full time student so I'm trying to gauge how much a doula would be of assistance on top of the nurses and midwives who are already very supportive of a natural birth.

Thanks in advance for any advice, assistance, or thoughts!

Re: Doula at Mercy?

  • Maybe Birthroots would have some recommendations?
  • I did not have a doula BUT the nursing staff at Mercy was so super, super supportive of trying anything and everything. They had the tub ready, birthing balls, birthing chairs. I actually miss the two nurses I had there during delivery and want to go back and hug them.

    That said, I went in with the mindset that I was open to drugs but didn't want to plan on them in advance, and they knew that plan so they weren't talking me out of them. I just had to ask. But since they weren't asking me I held off a long time on the epidural. If you went in feeling strongly that you weren't going to have it I'm guessing they would support you well.

    If you haven't, I would suggest the day long birthing class at Mercy because it's a great orientation as to their practices and you can ask the woman who teaches it anything and she will have the answer. (She's also a lactation consultant there and got a ENT doctor into the hospital 15 minutes before he went on vacation to fix my daughters tongue tie, so I'm sort of biased to think she walks on water.)
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  • Haha her name is Linda! She was a great teacher I loved her at the classes but not as much in bedside manner when she grabbed my (unknown at the time) thrush filled breast to express milk the morning after my son was born!! BUT to all of this yes, mercy staff is AMAZING and I, too, think of the night nurses especially with such love. I had a natural water birth there, my husband, the nurses, and my favorite midwife Etica from All About Women made it an incredible experience. I don't think a doula could have made it any more successful, to be honest on my experience. But I've never worked with one this was my first baby. Good luck!! :)
  • The class was super reassuring and great to hear that all the things I had ions for a birth plan was their standard practice which is awesome
  • Thanks everyone for your thoughts, advice, etc!
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